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Monday, September 11, 2006

Good Morning, Heartache

Posted by on September 11 at 0:22 AM

From the little Vietnamese girl fleeing her napalmed village to the hooded hostage of Abu Ghraib, images that make the tragedy of war achingly tangible have become a regular part of modern life.

This morning brings another such instance, brought to my attention by Slog reader Trevor, and summed up in two heartbreaking words: “Flat Daddies.”

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i really want to hate and mock this but, honestly, it just breaks my heart. jesus.

i still don't get it. why aren't more people totally outraged by the war? i mean, COME ON.

what, you gotta have a flat version of a person you love?! for what? so the hummer dude can drive by you on the interstate, looking smug?

again: jesus.

*** Wow ***

The kid on the right of the photo is going to be blowing off some internalized anger in the future I think.

That's pathetic. It's some adult's idea of covering up adult guilt, but it can't do a damn thing to help a kid feel better AT ALL.

Whoever came up with that idea should be ashamed.

What I find really appalling is that someone in the army actually thought this was a good idea. And that enough others agreed with him/her that they actually went ahead with this retarded program. I think if I was missing a dad or husband (or whatever) this would only serve as a reminder of the real absence of the actual person.

Worse, think how you'd feel if the soldier were killed over there, and all you had left of them was this stupid cardboard cut out?

yah: jesus.

I can't say whether or not this is a good idea to help a kid's healing process. However, it will be pretty rough on the children when Bush uses his "involuntary recall" power to send the cutouts back to Iraq to pose as decoys in unmanned checkpoints.

Honestly, I think I'd be insulted if someone offered me a cardboard cut-out in lieu of my loved one.

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