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Monday, September 4, 2006

The Canadians Fight for Southern Afghanistan

Posted by on September 4 at 15:14 PM

NATO (mostly Canadian) and Afghan forces estimated killing 200 Taliban outside Kandahar Sunday. Four Canadian soldiers were killed and several wounded. If the estimate is correct, this would be the biggest single defeat of Taliban fighters in months, reports the New York Times.

Hundreds of Taliban fighters have been massing in the Panjwai and Zhare districts, just west of Kandahar, the main city in southern Afghanistan. For months, the rebels have been mounting attacks on and near the main highway, stirring fear of an imminent assault in Kandahar.

“The Taliban presence in Panjwai is undoubtedly having a large psychological effect on Kandahar and has to be dealt with,” a senior NATO officer said last week.

Kabul is the Afghan capital now, but Kandahar is the historic capital of the country and was the seat of the Taliban government, not Kabul.

At least the Canadians are focused on the area from which the Sept. 11 terrorists actually came.

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But I thought Sadaam was responsible for Sept. 11? Who is this Osama bin Laden guy?

there were 5 Canadian Soldiers killed in Afghanistan. Not 4.
"Pte. Mark Graham died on Monday when two U.S. aircraft mistakenly fired on a Canadian platoon during the operation."
This is the second time the US has made a mistake and killed Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan.

Uh, most of the Sept. 11th hijackers came from Saudi Arabia.

That's right, Bush killed more real soldiers trying to fight the Real War.

Five Canadian soldiers dead.

Way to bomb the hell out of the wrong people, Bush!

And Keshmeshi is right - al-Qaeda still gets more than 90 percent of its money and volunteers from Saudi Arabia.

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