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Monday, September 4, 2006

… And Then There’s the US Contribution to Southern Afghanistan

Posted by on September 4 at 16:32 PM

This year’s opium harvest is the biggest ever recorded in Afghanistan. When is a country officially a narco-state?

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And those poor soldiers need every ounce they can get.

When is a country officially a narco-state?

Is this a riddle?

Few narco-states exist that don't receive US war on drugs money, which is like counter-insurgency by a different name. So the question is beside the point. The real question: when will supposedly "anti-war" democrats ever even have a policy for Afghanistan, let alone any other part of the world than Iraq?

You mean besides the "let's go in hog-wild, bomb the place back to the pre-Cambrian era, then scratch our heads in befuddlement when the local population fights back instead of throwing bouqets of flowers at our feet" policy the Republicans dreamed up?

Like we need them fuckers' Opies. We gots Hill Billy Horse!

Ride 'Em Cowtard!

Someone has to keep George supplied.

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