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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

San Francisco Gets Pot-Friendlier

Posted by on September 12 at 13:51 PM


Local pot activist and Slog tipster Dominic Holden alerted us to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors’ consideration of a city ordinance much like Seattle’s blessed I-75, which would make the majority of San Francisco’s marijuana violations “the lowest law enforcement priority” for city police.

According to the SF Chronicle:

“[Supervisor Tom Ammiano’s] nonbinding ordinance directs police to essentially ignore all marijuana crimes except those involving minors, driving under the influence of the drug or the sale of marijuana in a public place….If passed, the ordinance would commit the city to refusing federal funds intended for the investigation or prosecution of marijuana offenses. It also would prevent a federal agency from commissioning or deputizing a city police officer for assistance in such cases.”

Full story here.

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It's all about saving money.


Most major cities and their constituent counties are going bankrupt over non-productive costs for justice/jail/trial/etc. Moving to a method like Seattle allows them to get real about what they actually worry about, and join Vancouver BC and Seattle in being adult about the whole thing.

Economics cares nothing about why, just what you do.

Wait, you mean Seattle beat San Francisco to do something first? I've gotta take 10.

Oh, San Francisco will find some way to spin this as Seattle ripping them off. Just you watch. In the meantime, enjoy your high rents, friskies!

I know I am becoming redundant, but I need to move...

It's nice to see people coming to their senses as a group. I hope this is only the begining of laws that actually make sense.

This actually already happened about 3 or 4 years ago. I don't understand the difference between this new ordinance and what is already in place, unless it's in the language of how we (SF) are going to deal with the Feds.

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