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Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Re: McGavick Snows the PI

Posted by on September 5 at 14:55 PM

This morning, I criticized the PI for letting McGavick dupe them about his position on Iraq. He got them to report that he thinks it’s aokay to debate the war.

I hauled out two quotes…one that I got when I heard McGavick on the campaign trail east of the mountains… and one from a paper in Idaho called the Lewiston Morning Tribune where McGavick says it’s not kosher to debate the war.

Turns out the PI didn’t have to look to rags like the Stranger or the Lewiston Tribune to do a little basic fact checking, though. The very reputable Seattle Times…reporting on a McGavick press conference last August 14 (that the PI also attended) …finds McGavick completely contradicting what he told the PI yesterday.

Again, this morning’s PI has McGAvick differentiating himself from the GOP party line by saying it’s aokay to debate the war.

Well, here’s the Seattle Times paraphrasing McGavick less than a month ago:

McGavick repeated his contention that the issues around the invasion should not be debated until the war is over and all U.S. troops are back.

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Why is the PI giving the Alaskan Liar a pass on this? Did someone buy lots of advertising or something?

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