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Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Re: Target ABC

Posted by on September 5 at 13:51 PM

So ABC is showing a bullshit “documentary” about 9/11 that lays all the blame—100% worth—at the feet of Bill Clinton. Clinton, of course, took terrorism seriously, tried to do something about it, and was blocked by Republicans who were against anything he was for and for anything he was against. Lefty bloggers are pissed, and they’re making noise.

I imagine Bill Clinton is power pissed too—and it seems to me that he could get this piece of shit off the air by calling a press conference and denouncing this film and ABC.

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I will not rest until the blame for 9/11 goes where it should: squarely on the shoulders of Nancy Reagan. That bitch.

I prefer to watch the BBC movie about GWB meeting his end.

Come on, every one know the blame lays squarely up Amy Carter's shoulders... The whore!

Holy Shit a pig just flew by my window...

Oh, wait... it was an effigy of Karl Rove...

Has anyone who's rushing to denounce said documentary actually seen the thing?

Does this mean that I can't watch Lost next month?

Sure, it's understandable to be pissed at NBC, but wouldn't the most effective protest be to figure out which companies have bought advertising for this particular program? No one makes a dime until the ads are sold.

If Bill Clinton came out against the movie, it would just be spun as him avoiding blame. He'd be viewed as in damage control mode. This situation is best dealt with using proxies... blogs, media, and Bill's friends coming out against the film.

ABC is currently planning to run it commercial-free, so hard to say how they're covering the advertising side.

complaints directly to Robert Iger are the best bet.

Which means it's an undeclared campaign contribution. Nothing is free.

Bill Clinton was soft on terrorism, and weak in his support of Israel. If he'd backed Israel like Bush has, we'd be a lot farther along on the war against terrorism. Some people blame Israel for 9/11 so I'd rather have those idiots blaming Clinton instead.

I personally blame Lady Bird Johnson and the failure of the project named after her to beautify America's freeways and highways. That and the time LBJ showed true terroristic violence to the world by picking that dog up by its ears...

Two Words: Dolly Madison

Dolly's a stretch. Every schoolboy knows that everything, absolutely everything, was Reagan's fault. *

(Required reading: Cities on a Hill, by Frances FitzGerald; And the Band Played On, by Randy Shilts; Dragon within the Gates, by Stephen Joseph, M.D.)

* Not Nancy; not Ron Jr., the ballerina.

Personally, I blame God. If not for his egomaniacal desire for adoration, none of this would have happened in the first place.

This situation is best dealt with using proxies... blogs, media, and Bill's friends coming out against the film.

John, that would be a weak, typical and pathetic response.

Sure, Bill firing back would be defensive... and the least he could do in response. It's complete finger-pointing hogwash and if he calls it such, people on all sides will buy it. The 'It's Bill's Fault' take is new and out of left field.

Actually, the "it's Bill's fault" take started in 1991 and has never gone away in the right-wing-kook world.

Didja hear the guy on NPR today who thinks that Chinese soldiers are encamped in the caves around Kansas City?

"get this piece of shit off the air"?

Aren't we lefties supposed to be all pro-free-speechey?

Let it air, watch the silly thing, and debate whatever ideas it puts forth. Doing exactly the thing we're always demonizing the right wing for doing doesn't solve anything.

Lefties can't stand anything that interferes with their fascist agenda. That includes any media that goes against their selected grain. Kudos to ABC for having the guts to produce this accurate documentary.

It's especially droll that the left hammers the right for not MovingOn, for not letting go of the perpetual pinata that was the Clinton/Flynt Administration. Here's the drollery: For twice as long as I've been alive, left-wing politicians have been running against Herbert Hoover, out of office since 1933, not even a contender for office since 1936, and dead since about 1964.

Me? I can't get past born-again Jimmy Peanut, the treacherous, gutless, twisted little ferret. Everything that's wrong in the Middle East is because of him.

ABC should air the "documentary" and enjoy the ensuing lawsuit. I feel very sad for people who believe in that kind of reicht-wing propoganda, but there is nothing one can do to save them from themselves and their willful ignorance.

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