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Friday, September 8, 2006

Snake God Rocks

Posted by on September 8 at 11:20 AM

From the Herald International Tribune:

Beauty queen turned Bollywood actress, Sushmita Sen, doesn’t just dazzle audiences, she charms snakes too.

When a snake slithered onto a movie set scaring crew members, Sen didn’t flinch instead she bowed before it and chanted Hindu hymns to calm the reptile.
Filmmaker Tanuja Chandra told the Mumbai Mirror newspaper in an interview published Tuesday that as they spotted the snake, which lay coiled at the edge of a dance floor of a pub they were using as a set, Sen told everyone not to disturb it and it would leave.
“As she went closer, the snake hissed. We all moved back, but Sushmita went down on her knees and closed her eyes,” said Chandra. “She bowed before the snake and chanted some mantras.”
Chandra said the unit members were surprised when “the snake didn’t move from that place for a few hours. Later it left quietly.”
Sen, who plays a rock star in the movie “Zindagi Rocks,” or “Life Rocks,” said she wasn’t afraid.
“The snake is considered very auspicious so I asked everyone not to get scared of Nag Devta (snake god),” she told the paper. “I assured Tanuja that with the blessings of Nag Devta the film is bound to rock.”

Many Indians pray to snakes.

Sen won the Miss Universe title in 1994 and has acted in more than 25 movies in Bollywood, India’s popular movie industry. However, her latest film “Chingari” (Ember), in which she played a prostitute, did poorly at the box office.

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So, I'm checking out this mega-babe snake goddess, and I can't help but notice that the next post down features another one-time pin-up girl turned true believer. And of course it got me thinking about...religious babe WWF-style grudge matches! Each victory is not only a triumph for bare-knuckled sex appeal, but also vindicates a metaphysical belief system!

So, in this first match, I will put $100 on the Hindu Miss Universe. And I'll pay another $100 for the play-by-play video.

Any takers?

Nope. But did anyone notice the panic in India recently when someone killed a snake, causing an entire school to be shut down over post-traumatic stress?

How convenient. She pisses off the traditional minded by playing a prostitute and then conveniently finds a snake to charm using Hindu mantras. Hmmm.
It actually goes a bit beyond that though. "Chingari" is actually a rather harsh send up of the caste system and the hypocrisy of the hindu priesthood. The film ruffled more than a few feathers among hindu fundamentalists.
Now apparently Sen is trying to distance herself from the anti-hindu-elite gesture of Chingari by showing she is a pious hindu afterall. Her bowing before the snake and singing mantras is meant to remind the reader of the Vande Mataram ("I bow before you lord-mother") controversy I think. She's just a good old hindu girl afterall.

Ah, so it's kind of like Water.

Have to keep my eyes out for that at the video store.

Man, would I love to see her bow before my snake.


The movie in question was just BAD..period. Calling it "like Water" would be giving it a status that it does not deserve. The movie came and went by without a whimper and no one was the wiser - the least of all the "Hindu fundamentalists".

As for the obeisance paid to the snake story.. that must be one big BS floating around.

Sushmita is hardly the pin-up girl for the Hindu right, here in India. Hot pic though..much better ones available online.


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