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Thursday, September 7, 2006

Paris Hilton Busted for DUI

Posted by on September 7 at 9:38 AM

But she’s got nothing on our MIKE! McGuiness. Pulled over early this morning in LA, Paris Hilton had a blood alcohol level of .08. When MIKE! was pulled over 13 years ago, he had a BAC of .17.

Paris also managed to stay fully conscious throughout her arrest ordeal, didn’t have to be handcuffed to a desk, and didn’t fall asleep or pass out at the cop shop. So hopefully her arrest won’t dash Paris’ dreams of one day sitting in the U.S. Senate. Gawker’s got the details.

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This horse is dead. Please stop beating it.

I think Paris would make a fine senator.

I'm sure Princess Paris would serve well in King George's Imperial Senate.

At least when she lies, you know it's about sex ...

Paris was set up by the George Bush, Mike Mcgavick and the conservative establishment.

Paris supports gay marriage, in fact, now that she knows she cannot get acne from giving head, she now reads this blog and respects Dan Savage as a Real live Journailist.

Dan, you should get high and smuggle a gun into the LA County Jail to break Paris out as a political statement!!!!

You've got money coming out of your pores and you don't have a driver? Come on! I D I O T!

Dear Steven Thornton: fuck off, that's my name, you fucking grease stain.

farnf, or whatever the fuck your name is...

You have trademark on my name?

Get a life you loser.

It's not your name, polyp.

God she's fat.


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