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Thursday, September 7, 2006

Bill Sherman: Regarding that Endorsement…

Posted by on September 7 at 9:07 AM

Expanding on Eli’s Sherman posts…

Will Sherman’s singing voice peel a few lesbian voters off Jamie Pedersen? We’ll see. But I’m not convinced that Sherman’s endorsement by the Seattle Times this morning is going to boost his chances. From the endorsement:

Sherman was an aide to Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt during the Clinton presidency, so he comes with political savvy and awareness of public-policy issues.

Sherman is currently a deputy prosecutor for King County who focuses on domestic violence, something that always can use extra awareness and voice in Olympia.

Sherman is a solid environmentalist with endorsements from Washington Conservation Voters and the Sierra Club.

He is also supported by Allied Arts of Seattle, and is an advocate for improved public education.

Clinton, the environment, Allied Arts, not a fan of domestic violence—all good in liberal eyes, sure to help Sherman with voters in the hyper-liberal 43rd. But then the Seattle Times tosses in this…

His law-and-order job helped draw support from former Seattle City Attorney Mark Sidran

Bringing up Sidran isn’t going to help Sherman with voters in the hyper-liberal, Sidran-despising 43rd. (Yes, we endorsed Sidran for State Attorney General—over a Dem we correctly pegged as being unable to beat the R in that race—and the outcry only served to remind us how hated Sidran is in the 43rd). The Seattle Times endorsement should help, but let’s not overestimate its importance. Voters 43rd rarely see eye-to-eye with the Bush-backing, estate-tax-repeal-pushing, mass-transit-killing edit board at the Blethen Daily Ax Grinder.

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Sherman has clearly risen above the rest of the crowded field. The Times endorsement will give him significant momentum.

ooh, dan obviously didn't eat his wheaties this morning before he wrote this. not only does he sound cranky, but he didn't edit it either.

grab a viente and try again?

Duh, he's a prosecutor. Of course Sidran's going to support him. The hard core Sidran-haters probably wouldn't back a mellow pragmatist like Bill Sherman anyhow. Likely they'd go for the pitbulls -- Dodson or Kelley. Or a peppy cheerleader like Pure.

I'm pleased to have the support of the Seattle Times and Mark Sidran - as well as the Sierra Club, the Machinists union at Boeing, and leaders in domestic violence prevention and human services. This race is not won or lost with any single endorsement, but the broad support for my campaign does say something about how effective I will be in Olympia on environmental protection, strong public schools, and protecting people and rights.

The support of the Times and Sidran (who won the 43rd District in the primary for Attorney General, and in previous races as well) is part of that broad support.

Now back to karaoke.

Sing out, Billy!

who's ax-grinding?

sorry but seattle times readers (old) vote far more regularly than stranger readers (young). its endorsement isn't everything, but it's significant. way more than any gnit-picking about whether the stranger has the moral standing to attack another publication for endorsing sidran (who, in retrospect, would have been better than nickels anyway).


After losing the Stranger endorsement to Stephanie...where else was I to turn? You have only yourself to blame for my sad slide into mainstream politics!

Uh, Bill you've always been a part of mainstream politics. Have you forgotten that your campaign is built around positioning yourself as a middle-class homeowner with cute kids?

Although The Times will probably never live down endorsing Bush in 2000, they did endorse Kerry in '04.

Uh, and they also endorsed "Joementum" Lieberman in the Dem primary. Yuck.

J.R., you should know better - having taken the last six months off from his job to doorbell a big chunk of the 43rd, Bill Sherman is no longer middle-class - he's basically destitute! The kids, however, are still cute.

Since the Stranger seems to be joining ABC in the realm of history re-writing I though I'd make this observation:

Sidran wasn't going to beat the Boyscout either, you fools. Do you still really think that any former Seattle City Attorney was going win outside of Seattle?

What really sunk Senn in the AG race was the illegal $1.5 million that the US Chamber of Commerce dumped into anti-Senn attack ads. The Chamber knew that Sidran didn't stand a chance, so the best strategy for them to get the Boyscout elected was to smear Senn in the primary. At at best it the campaign could have gotten the easily beatable Sidran the Democratic nomination, at worst Senn would be hobbled for the general election. The strategy worked brilliantly, if illegally.

I'm not aware of any restitution that the US Chamber has paid the people of this state for breaking the state's campaign disclosure laws, nor am I aware of any prison time that Bruce Boram, Dave Reichert's campaign manager, has served for coordinating this electoral abomination. Perhaps it's because office in charge of pursuing the state's interest in this regard is held by McKenna, the beneficiary of this illegal work.

For me, the sweetest irony about that race is that the Stranger found itself on the same side as the US Chamber of Commerce. Fools!

Hilarious Savage/Sherman dialogue!

Anyway, I could probably do this with several hours and some web research, but I wonder what kind of correlation there is to the election recommendations of the Times and the results of the following elections.

Suuuuuure, you could say 'There's no correlation' but there's a clear, dismissive bias from many here, so I'd have to take that with a grain of salt.

It's something to look into this weekend.

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