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Monday, September 25, 2006

Monday Morning Sports Report

Posted by on September 25 at 8:30 AM

Seahawks: Leading the New York Giants 42-3 after three quarters, the Hawks inexplicably decided to let their opponents back into the game, coughing up 27 points in the final 15 minutes. Still, minor scare aside, it was a big win—and by all reports the stadium was ‘effin loud. Next week: The Chicago Bears. Cue trash talk in the comments from Savage’s brother, Bill.

Mariners: Split a four-game series with the Chicago White Sox. Their season wheezes to a close this week, with home stands against Oakland and Texas.

Huskies: Wow.

Cougars: Whatever. Go Dawgs!

Chris Simms: Has a bad day on, off the field. The Carolina Panthers’ D can claim a new nickname this morning: Spleen Killers.

Europe: Embarrasses the U.S. on the links again.

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Chris Simms was last heard saying before his surgery, "I'm going to miss my spleen."

Shockey had some words for his coach, but I think hasselback put it best when he said that they played well but that the seahawks need to learn to play with the lead.

That said, he did have a career day so I say bring on da bears and next week we can look forward to a shockey-esque clip of urlacher.

Hey Brad:

We should do duelling liveslogs for next Sunday night's game. I'll be watching from the same saloon where I saw the 'Hawks go down to defeat against Pittsburgh back in February.

I'll save my trash-talking for then. But let me say just one thing: when a team doesn't play particularly well, yet pulls out a win on the road against a division rival--that's a good team.


They should be called the "Chicag Bears", because they got no "O".

I second the notion of a slogoff, that'd be cool.

doug: Ha!

Now, now Bill, no need to get nasty. I never thought I'd see the day when a Chicago-ite would say something positive about Pittsburg.

Also, Chris Simms... his SPLEEN? Wow.

Give me a good rust belt town anytime.

Dear Brad - Nice to see that extensive vocabulary put to use. Whatever. Go Cougs!

Same type of game this week as the Hawks played against Arizona. The Hawks scored even more in the first half this week, which allowed them to get away, again, with a very sloppy second half. I'll take the two wins, but this is worrisome. Chicago's D might be up to the task of stopping the Hawks in the first half next week -- if the Hawks bring the same type of Jekyl-Hyde stuff out on the road with them.

And I'll take the M's split with Chicago -- though I was sure they'd call the Saturday game after the tarp came out at the end of the 5th. Shoot, I thought that's why the umps had 'em finish out the inning in the first place. A little more Windy Spoiling would have been nice.

Who cares and everything, but if the M's sweep these final two series at home, they'll finish at .500. That was the goal from day 1.

The good news about the post-rain-delay collapse, seeing as how the game doesn't matter, is that it may be the last time Joel Piniero ever takes the mound for us. One can hope, at least.

Joel is under team control for one more season. I hope the Mariners just cut him loose a la Ryan Franklin after last year.

Chris Simms, with my sympahties regardless his now amputated spleen, is not a good quarterback. Living off an undeserved nepotistic reputation via being the son of former NFL quarterback Phil Simms, Chris was average and erratic at best at Texas during college and blocked the capable Major Applewhite from a deserving starting role all because of his nepotism. Now he gets handed a starting role in Tampa Bay that he absolutely does not deserve and has done nothing to earn because of said reputation, and go figure that Tampa's offense shits the bed in his first two games this year.

Get over his last name, Jon Gruden. Bench his mediocre, sorry ass yesterday.

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