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Monday, September 25, 2006

The Morning News

Posted by on September 25 at 7:30 AM

In case you missed it on Sunday, the nation’s intelligence agencies, in a secret report, have determined that the Iraq War has worsened, not lessened, the terrorism threat faced by America. Coming weeks before the November Congressional elections, this disclosure has of course produced a strong reaction from Democrats.

Meanwhile, what’s that Congress going to get done before this session ends? Not much.

And what’s worse for a political candidate than being caught on tape calling an Indian guy “Macaca”? Sen. George Allen is about to find out.

Here’s Clinton vs. Fox News, the video.

Here’s the torture compromise, explained by McCain.

Here’s a pretty harsh Washington Post article about how Bush mourns the Iraq dead and remembers the pain of their families. Says the Post, dryly: He has a lot of pain to remember.

Want to succeed in business? Try having some emotional intelligence, particularly empathy.

And here’s a news flash from the P-I: The Seattle City Council is dull, dull, dull.

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RE: National Intelligence report and legalizing torture

Power has been defined as the ability to make others suffer, and I can't think of a better description of
life under Republican rule. Which begs the question: What is the point of all of this? Do the R's want the US to become a militaristic Christian theocracy, like an American version of Iran?
If so, that will be difficult since so many of us, especially in cities, fully intend to live our lives as we see fit. They'll need to turn the military
against US civilians and employ the same methods that they use in Afghanistan and Iraq (aerial bombings,
mass arrests, detention camps). Would the military comply? We've already seen them trot out the "I was following orders" defense.
So Sloggers, what do you think? What's the Republicans' end game, and will the military turn against us?

Castrati singer David Goldstein built us a tunnel last nite for $1.5 million. Party pooper Erica C. Barnett (the big C stands for Can'tevenpretendtowriteaswellasKaushik) set him straight, so to speak: $1.5 billion +++. The ass from blew it off ... million? billion? All looks the same to a Democrat.

(Inquiring minds want to know: How did castrati singer David Goldstein reproduce? How can we stop him before he spawns again?)

Christofascist Update: All unassigned battalions of Christian Soldiers are ordered to deploy at once & in combat formation to Andrew's 'hood. Post snipers & interrogation units with RHCP (Red Hot Chili Peppers) backup. Onward!

Relax Andrew, Hillary Clinton will take the oath of office on January 20, 2009. Don't you realize we have to finish out the Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton era?

Israel is stronger becauser of Iraq. America is right to help Israel overcome the islam0-fascists. To call Israeli Jews Nazis is anti-semitic because killing islamo-terrorists is helping the whole world.

It's only the Christians who should be blamed for all the problems in the world. Jews always bring justice.

Israel is innocent and just. Christians are the ones with a religion based on hatred. Judaism only wants more justice for the most oppressed group in the world.

Here's another news item: all your pod are belong to us.

What about Clinton pointing out he did more to hunt Osama with the GOP trying to stop him, while Bush sat and did nothing until 9-11 caught him with his pants down, and only a plan to attack Iraq (which had zilch to do with 9-11)?

As usual, the spinner called Will In Seattle has been spun by Bill In Babeland.

You did notice, didn't you, that the big dope had the same steely-eyed purple hue & the same crooked finger he used to crook us every one about having barnyard relations with That "Woman"?

So after Will got barnyard bopped yesterday, I hope he put some ice on it.

SOB, stop whining. Your guy sat on his tush and racked up more vacation days than any sitting President ever - our guy did stuff.

Now, go back to ignoring the massive deficits you "conservatives" keep racking up, and your massive corruption.

Why is it when George Allen cuts off a deer head and stuffs it in a random black person's mailbox, the headline is still about the "n word"? Seems to me he's got weirder fish to fry than that.

SOB, you're just wrong. Your hero Georgie Porgie, unlike his predecessor, never spent five seconds thinking about terrorism until 9/11, and he's barely spend that much since then. In the five years since that day, George has done more to enable the terrorists who want to kill us than an actual Al Qaeda agent in the Oval Office would have been able to do.

Exactly, and that's even with paying Pakistan cash to give them al-Qaeda #2's for the last five years - most of the money then going back into funding the Taliban (created by Pakistan in the first place).

Surely a professional wordsmith can come up with better adjectives than the clunking and not-exactly-opposite "worsened" and "lessened?"

Egads, man.

Try "exacerbated" and "ameliorated" next time, friend. They may seem a bit pretentious and New Yorker-y, but they have the twin virtues of satisfying parallel form and actually denoting the concepts you are trying to communicate.

The confection called 'fnarf,' who may or may not eat his own turds, channels Will with this: "Your hero Georgie Porgie, unlike his predecessor, never spent five seconds thinking about terrorism until 9/11, and he's barely spend (sic sic sic!!!) that much since then."

Georgie Porgie? Where in the wide Wiki world did you come up with THAT one?

& why do you & ungentle Will leap to the unsupported assumption that telling the truth about Bill's lies means that we're ok with Georgie Porgie's drunken-Democrat spending? GP is not a conservative, by almost any definition: Bush lied (about the cost of Medicare drugs) & lost any presumption to conservative competence. He's nobody's hero.

Clinton lies about almost everything, but did have occasional spasms of conservative competence under the Oval Office desk. His competence did not extend to fighting terror or terrorists.

Too bad you & Will let yourselves get screwed again by Big Bill. Put some ice on it.

The City Council includes your beloved Peter Steinbrueck :P

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