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Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Lindsay Lohan’s Grocery Receipt! (Yes, We’re That Pathetic.)

Posted by on September 5 at 10:37 AM

Ummm… NO. We don’t have anything better to do than look at Lindsay Lohan’s grocery receipt, dug out of the dumpster by those intrepid tabloid reporters and posted at And who knew? Lindy and I share very similar grocery interests! There’s Doritos (both Nacho flavored and Ranch), Ham & Cheese HotPockets, Sleeping tablets, Magnum Condoms (which are generally a bit tight on me, but they do in a pinch), and about 54 gallons of NyQuil Cough Syrup (which I only use when I have a tickle in my throat, or go on a hallucinogenic FREAKOUT).

090506 Lindsay Reciept-thumb.jpg

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Condoms? No, I just cinched up a Hefty Bag and call it good.

Junk food and vitamins. Classic. I'll bet most Slog readers eat the same way.

Did you notice the cheap four-packs of white Zinfandel? Eeeew.

This receipt is the portrait of middle America, to wit: White Zin (4 packs, no less!), cigarettes, French's yellow mustard, Cheerios, cream cheese, pre-sliced cheese, pre-packaged lasagna, and enough over-the-counter meds for 1) a bad post-nasal drip (gee, I wonder what could have caused that) or 2) a small meth operation.

Proof again that money doesn't buy you class!

P.S. Is that a 12 oz. Slurpee on the receipt (Slrp 12z/355ml)?

And the cheap "American Spirit" cigs? Plus with all the cold meds, it looks like she's starting her very own meth lab.

She undoubtedly believes, as do all American Spirit smokers, that they are the product of deeply spiritual and totally noncorporate Native Americans as part of a religious ceremony celebrating Nature.

and isn't she underage? don't celebrities get carded when they buy booze?

Nothing goes with a fire crotch like Hot Pockets.

Hmm, she just turned twenty. I tried to buy booze when I was twenty but I usually got caught.

only a three count of condoms? poor deep dickin' deprived thing.

Don't worry Alithea. The condoms are to send to mexico so her so can get her drugs muled back.

I've noticed that celeberties like Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan seem to get away with partying at bars and whatnot long before the rest of us.

White zin is the nastiest thing... totally shows her level. Fucking white zin!?!? jesus.

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