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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Condi: Afghanistan May “Come Back to Haunt Us”

Posted by on September 14 at 10:37 AM

Oh, Condi, don’t get crazy now. Everybody knows things are swimmingly over there.


And to Pakistani leader Musharraf’s claim on Tuesday at an international meeting that the Taliban have become more powerful and more dangerous than Al Qaeda in southern Afghanistan (Musharraf called it “Talibanization”), Kabul responded today, accusing Pakistan of not doing enough to put down Pakistani forces that aid and abet the Taliban.

Musharraf’s words in this morning’s report in the Scotsman.

“The centre of gravity of terrorism has shifted from al Qaeda to the Taliban,” he said. “This is a new element, a more dangerous element, because it (the Taliban) has its roots in the people. Al Qaeda didn’t have roots in the people.”

The Taliban have regrouped since their overthrow and are now more powerful and active than any time since the war. Afghanistan is going through its bloodiest phase since 2001.”

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It's worse than that. Public opinion in both the UK and Canada has soured on it so much that they're both saying No to requests for more troops.

People are sick and tired of doing the work we in America should have been helping with in the first place. Governments are falling - fast - over their support for anything connected with the USA.

I thought we were at war with the Taliban... always were at war with the Taliban... weren't they invaded not because they controlled Afghanistan, but because they harbored terrorists and refused GW BUSH 'order' to hand over Al Qaeda terrorists, which therefore, according to GW BUSH, they were in fact terrorists-by-association and GW BUSH could therefore declare war against, er... invade, them?

Or am I just a few GW BUSH lies behind the current new speak, so far behind that now it has come full circle and I am correct, yet at the same time incorrect in the assessment that Condi's proclamation is anything but a new proclamation?

Can you imagine how different everything would be if W had kept his eye on the ball and left Saddam to the UN? Can you fucking imagine?!?!

If we had spent one-tenth of what we spent destroying Iraq on ROADS and SCHOOLS and HOUSES in Afghanistan, we'd be the most popular country in the region, and the Taliban would be nothing. Instead, we have this.

lol mission accomplished!!

bush is such a noob.

t07a11y pWnd!!!

Condi -- mushroom cloud condi. What a bunch of self-serving bullshit. She was one of the most effective Iraq war hype-ers. The big dick warning of calamity if we don't invade? Pretty ignorable.

Condi Rice, one of the few thinkers on team "W" (otherwise comprised of the finest minds of the Ford Administration) stating bluntly "mushroom clouds over an American city," now that was convincing (right dan?)

Oh, NOW she cares about Afghanistan. NOW it should be a priority. There must be a special place in hell for people like her.

There is a special place in hell for Condi. It's called Heir To The Throne Of Satan™

I should point out that GWB let a few hundred Taliban go, because they were at a funeral.

And that "moron-in-chief" has his people calling others out on supposed opportunities?

So, King George decided to follow international law one time. He did do the decent thing and not bomb a funeral. Well that settles it, vote republican then. throw yer vote away.

Those robin egg blue burkas are wonderful, such a change from drab black and oh look at the one second from the left... is that a two-tone head grill, with a decadent embroidered flourish? Terrific!!! Let Freedom Ring-a-Ling-Ding!!!!

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