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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Blue Thunder

Posted by on September 21 at 9:24 AM

From the Seattle Times

The NFL sent a notice to the New York Giants and Seahawks, saying it would be keeping an eye and presumably an ear out to make sure the league’s restrictions on artificial noise are followed at the game Sunday. The notice mentioned allegations the crowd noise in Seattle was enhanced, though it did not specify the origin of that claim.

“It put a little smile on my face when I saw this memo,” Seahawks coach Mike Holmgren said. “If I’m a fan, I take that kind of personally. Like, ‘If you think last year was loud or the championship game was loud, wait until Sunday.’ “

I was at last Sunday’s game against Arizona. It was really, really loud. I’m sure the New York Giants aren’t too pleased about the NFL’s little investigation, since it’s sure to be even louder this Sunday.

My completely unscientific prediction for the game: Seattle 24, New York 17.

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Nice work, Qwest Field will be the loudest place on Earth this Sunday.

How loud's it going to be after they catch the Hawks pumping it back through the speakers and forfeit the game for ya?

Fnarf, you are wrong. The Hawks have not used canned crowd noise. Perhaps if you spent less time on the internet and more in the actuall real world you'd notice that the freaks that inhabit Qwest field on Sunday's are insanely loud in their own right.

If they were using canned crowd noise it would be painfully obvious. Besides the NFL only allows four speakers, placed near the end zones. They are easily drowned out by the crowd.

we live on 12th and king a half a block before rainier ( not at the top of the block but in the middle in the little valley ) and we can hear quest field quite well whenever the seapigeons get it up to score. during last year's championship game we could tell which noise belong to what plays. there's a doppler like swell during touchdowns and field goals, but the interceptions were especially rancourous with glee and surprise. the noise goes well with the taiko drumming two doors down and the bright drone of far away passing trains

Fnarf -

I've heard rumors that Qwest Field was built specifically with acoustics in mind - when they originally built it they wanted it to have good acoustics for outdoor concerts, etc. It just ends up that those same acoustical characteristics have turned Qwest Field into the loudest place for football in the world.

It's always been the fans. Seahawks games at the Kingdome was also known for being insanely loud, opposing teams complained, etc.

Yes, yes, I know, you're very loud. We're all proud of you. I was just trying to rile up some football fans.

Rumors are truth - but the structural elements of the stadium were designed and built w/ the intent "to direct as much crowd noise as possible on the field", not necessarily for concerts. Penalize all you want, but without razing and rebuilding, it's going to be loud at home.

Exactly Eliza, Willis, PB: Loud by design. It's not the newest idea, just desired and done well here. It's easy to, uh, see. The funnels of the double clamshell roof/angle of seats, then the open ends.

Hey, and if you're languishing way, way up in the 300 level, you don't get rained on.

Oh, what's the matter, NFL? Don't wanna rattle Peyton's alcoholic little brother Eli when he steps under center next Sunday?

I think pro sports executives in general have it out for Seattle. The officiating in all sports like to shaft Seattle teams regularly, and then this.

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