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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Beep, beep, beep—back up that Garbage Truck

Posted by on September 28 at 14:21 PM

OK, Sportsfans, I’m posting this now because I may not be able to get to a computer tomorrow (don’t have one at home, and am going to the Cubs game to sit in the Bleachers with a paper bag on my head). Not wanting to leave you without your daily dose of trash talk, here goes:

No one has thrown a touchdown pass against the Bears yet this year. And we’re not changing our D for your punk-ass four-receiver West Coast bullshit either. We don’t even have a dime plan, and aren’t minting one.

I will do my best, though, to post tomorrow and Saturday (when Sloggers are notoriously lax), just to keep things heating up. Sunday night will rock.

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AWESOME! So not only will the Seahawks have a perfect record they will also be the first to have a touchdown pass against the Bears!

Thanks Chicago fan for keep track of exactly how embarrassing it will be for the Bears to loose.

it'll be even more embarassing if we lose. they will loose their killer D on the soon-to-be-comatose Hasselhoff. Chris Simms just lost a spleen--word on the street is the Bears D is loaded for liver or kidney.

Who are you Chicago Fan? Are you Dan Savage's brother?

Chicago bragging about not having a plan to cover the “four receiver west coast bullshit” is kind of like Poland lauding its heroic mounted cavalry against German Panzers in 1939, no?

And yes, I broke the internet rule, I went Hitler.

Seems like Chicago hasn't learned their lesson from getting burned by Steve Smith in the playoffs last year. Once again the pass attack is gonna kill em.

I'm pretty sure Chicago Fan is just Dan Savage's brother who is a professor or something. Why is it a big secret? Does your university know you blog?

And what bullshit that is about "two or possibly three of the Bears' front four... going against single blocking". Three words for you, Professor: MACK FUCKING STRONG!!!

Brian's Song II: Urlacher Succumbs!

Typical Midwestern football fan. Still pissed off about the advent of the forward pass.


Bill: i heard the coaching staff was going to collect copious ammounts of pills from the bear's locker room during the first half so that nobody would take the easy way out before the start of the third quarter, but then they figured that, just like the giants, the bears will have done themselves in already anyway.

Y'know, I left Chicago before the Jordan years, but I still like the Bulls. And I'll be a lifelong Cubs fan. But dude, I have just two words for you when it comes to the Bears:

"Superbowl Shuffle"

Bilf -- I'm looking forward to seeing Deion Branch -- the size of the fastest and weentsiest 6th grader at your elementary school -- score his first td as a hawk. I think the 4 wr sets will be worrisome you the perch-lovin', perogi-eaters.

Bilf, here you go: we win, we get your waterfront park; you win, you can have our mountain.

The Bears defense doesn't scare me. If they were Buddy Ryan's 85 Bears, now that would frighten the heck out of me. Dan Hampton, Richard Dent, Otis Wilson, The Refrigerator Perry, Steve McMichael, Mike Singletary and his intense eyes, and Gary Fensik, the most handsome, hard-hitting safety ever to come out of Harvard.

Seattle sportsfans.

Good one!

Chicago Fan is indeed my brother, Bill. We're not hiding anything, and I've posted stuff from him on the Slog under his own name dozens of times.

We created the "Chicago Fan" and "Seattle Fan" Slog accounts so that on Sunday folks could easily keep track of whose post is whose. Bill will be Slogging from Chicago as "Chicago Fan" while Brad Steinbacher Slogs from Seattle as "Seattle Fan."

Since the accounts are up and running, Bill jumped in to do a little trash talking before the game.

Hope that clears stuff up.

Oh, and for the record my brother threatened to kill me HUNDREDS of times when we were growing up, so I intend to picket our offices while he Slogs for us on Sunday.

Why not just post with your real names instead of hide behind the "Chicago Fan" nonsense? Just be Bill Savage and Dan Savage. I think it's cool that your brother writes for newspapers too.

Thank you, Bill, in post #2, for using BOTH "lose" and "loose" correctly, right in a row, unlike virtually every other football fan posting here.

Dan, as long as you picket him instead of cancelling his account, you won't hear a peep from us.

If you want to stay above the fray, big guy, and avoid the question of whether it's OK for you to let Charles Mudede post opinions in a way that clearly implies that he speaks for your paper as a whole while other staffers post weaselly footnotes claiming neutrality (but without any actual repudiation of or even disagreement with Firebrand Charles), well, then, you've got to refrain from the little pot-shots, OK?

Reading "Chicago Fan" gives you a good heads up as to what you are about to read. What does it matter that it's Dan's brother?

And yes, Bill Savage is a college professor, and he apparently beat the hell out of Dan for raiding his porn collection as a kid.

encroachment, rbs. at least you kept the comment 'short-yardage'.

This is a FOOTBALL THREAD. Please take your silly little Juju controversy outside.

If Bill Savage is some important Chicago College professor from Northwestern, why doesn't Dan and Bill they write for a Chicago Newspaper? Isn't there a Chicago website that has a blog or something? Dan is always writing about how stupid Seattle is (an he's right) so why not write for a publication in a real city like Chicago...Just saying.

William Savage (Ph.D. Northwestern University)

teaches courses in twentieth-century American literature, with special focus on the novel and the Lost and Beat Generations. His research focuses on theories of how people read narrative in relation to aesthetics (ideas about what is or is not good art) and ideology (politics as made manifest in literature). He also writes about the relationship between popular and elite culture in the context of evolving standards for what is thought to be great literature.

Just sayin, and stuff. Kinda.

...and he's a stickler for punctuation.

Idiots who can't write and correctly spell standard American english should not be allowed to participate in public dialogue.

@20 - i second that

I love to pound brewskies and scratch my balls and talk football, cause I'm a man's man. Fuck Yeah!

But spelling and punctuation errors are my pet peeve! Please guys it's fine to Slog about football but don't make any spelling mistakes or it spoils all the fun. Let's all try to be as careful as we can to not upset our captious collegues.

I agree. Lots of times I'll be watching a game and the announcer will use an incomplete sentence, or leave a dangling participle and it just ruins it for me. I'm stickler for punctuation too. I'm so glad to find other football guys who understand.

So wait, who did Chicago play again? Oh yeah, nobody special.

Enjoy watching Rex Grossman get asshammered.

Post 22, why don't Bill and Dan write in Chicago you say? Technically, Dan does because his syndicated column is in the Chicago Reader.

I live in Chicago and our newspapers blow! Google any of them... Chicago Suntimes (fluff posing as news), Chicago Tribune (liberal bias posing as unbias), or The Chicago Reader (just fluff). It's a joke. They make The Stranger look really good.

Crap, and to think that the Trib was a fully independent news-gatherer, and The Reader was an intellectual but politically diverse weekly, back when I lived there...

Ah well, it's not the 80s anymore. Or the 70s, either, no matter what the haircuts are saying.

And no disrespect to Dan Savage— he's one of my favorite nationally syndicated columnists working today— But Dan, you're no Cecil Adams.

OK, there, I said it.


First, check Dan's explanation for why my name doesn't lead the blog posting. Perfectly sensible. And I'm not liveslogging Sunday v. Dan, it's v. Brad, one of the few sports fans to disgrace the Stranger's offices.

Second, I didn't post the lame-ass bio cut and pasted from the NU website (though, shamefully, I did write it to let incoming undergrads know what I was up to, hence the simplistic language), as the scare quotes around "Bill Savage" hopefully indicated.

Third, I do write for Chicago publications, mostly book reviews for the Chicago Tribune.

As for Chicago being a crappy newspaper town, that's just bullshit. We've got our old stuffed shirt (Trib) and the tabloid which reports local news waaaaay better and has columnists with actual opinions and style (Sun-Times) and our dinosaurian, dying slowly (just lost one section) alternative paper, The Reader.

And as for Biff's comment regarding Midwest fans hating the forward pass, let me remind you of the Bears Fight Song, the last verse of which is:

We'll never forget the way you thrilled the Nation
With your T formation

George Halas mutherfucking innovated back when it was hard to throw a football, then shaped much more like today's rugby balls.

George Halas runs like a girl. A dead girl. Because he's dead.

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