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Thursday, September 28, 2006

“We’d like to dispel a few myths about working for the Central Intelligence Agency…”

Posted by on September 28 at 15:47 PM

With a fun quiz*!

Choose to spend your “missions” shopping on Rodeo Drive and sunbathing on your yacht in the Mediterranean, and then splooge in pleasure as the CIA calls you an Impressive Mastermind again and again and again!

I took this quiz 20 times because I crave approval and the results cannot be denied: I am, indeed, an Impressive Mastermind.

What kind of mastermind are you?

*The website states that [If you are sadly not an Impressive Mastermind like Cienna Madrid] this quiz will not affect your ability to qualify for a career with the CIA.

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I am an innovative pioneer. Which apparently means I wear a coonskin cap. Probably because I picked 'horse and buggy' as my favorite form of transportation.

I am an Inovative Pioneer. I guess that sounds true. I am the inventor of the Salsasicle (frozen salsa on a stick).

Daring Thrill-Seeker, here. Which is, like, totally me.

This is preposterous! There's one question that reads, "People think you are a/an..." but none of the choices begin with a vowel sound. So why in the name of all that's holy do they include the "an"? I would never cultivate a friendship with anyone who called me an genius, an jock, an risk-taker, an comedian, or an nerd.(I answered "nerd," by the way.)

Impressive Mastermind, you have met your match! it is I, the Innovative Pioneer. You think you're more qualified to work for our great nation's spy network!? HA! HA, i say! Witness my use of new and exciting styles of state-approved torture (i.e. forcing members of Al-Qaeda to wear Vincent's clothing) and quiver in fear!

Warning: whenever Cienna Madrid writes the word "splooge", a thousand teenage boys faint with excitement.

I'm a Thoughtful Observer. I think it's because I chose to travel by ox-cart and walk the Great Wall of China.


One 'Curious Adventurer' here, whatever that means.

I, like Will, am a Thoughtful Observer. Perhaps we will meet on the Great Wall of China.

Carry on. I'll just be here, observing thoughtfully.

Sounds like they missed the part where you are sent to answer the dead drop and instead get arrested and executed.

Strange, it keeps saying I'm a "WORTHLESS LOSER" no matter what answers I give.

Impressive Mastermind. What a relief, I needed my under-achiever status reconfirmed.

Oh wow, so was I.

Thoughtful Observer

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