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Tuesday, September 5, 2006

4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42

Posted by on September 5 at 11:18 AM


Because I live in a Lost-obsessed household, it didn’t really surprise me when the alarm went off early this morning so that my boyfriend could dash to the store and purchase Season Two on DVD. What did surprise me was the scene he reported from the Northgate Best Buy: the place hadn’t even been open for 15 minutes and they were almost sold-out. “I felt like a real geek,” he told me via phone, “until I realized everyone else was there for the same reason.” Season Three starts on October 4th. Lost geeks, unite!

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Television is my life! I can't wait to get the new Lost CD to smoke a bowl and kick back for some fine television. The Stranger is awesome for promoting television watching!

One word for all those 'Lost' geeks: 'Carnivale.'

The internet is my life. I can't wait to get online every day to post my extremely fine typing. I Love TV! is awesome for promoting juvenile behavior!

We pre-ordered it from Amazon. We are geeks, but we are lazy geeks.

What happened to the polar bears? Why isn't anyone afraid of them? Why do they never come up?

hannah, we're obsessed here too. i've been downloading season 2 from itunes and we've all been cuddling up at night to watch one or two episodes. It's falling apart for dan, but i'm still loving it.

has anyone read the book by gary troup yet? is it a worthy tie-in?

So, why isn't Hurley in that promotional photo? Did you crop him out or is ABC trying to tell us something? Conspiracy theorist minds want to know...

I would never crop out Hurley, I LOVE Hurley. It was just the best photo I could find, I swear.

Dan, along the lines of your "why isn't anyone afraid of the polar bears" question, I'm always wondering why they don't all just huddle together in a nice dark cave and weep. That's what I would do if I was on an island with mysterious polar bears, freaky mind-reading smoke and "The Others". Mind you, it wouldn't exactly make Emmy-winning TV. Sit back, relax and trust in the Lindeloff. He will not steer you wrong.

Re: polar bears.

I'm pretty sure there was just that one of them and we're meant to believe Walt conjured him up with his mental powers.

There was a polar bear depicted in Walt's comic book as well...

What happened to the polar bears? Why isn't anyone afraid of them? Why do they never come up?

Sawyer *did* kill one of them and given that they're more heavily armed now, I suspect they're much less afraid of the wildlife.

worst. show. ever. even Mind of Mencia (aka. the tart asshole of tele) is better.

Dear Informed Person: You. are. incorrect. That. is. all.

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