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Monday, September 4, 2006

14th & Howell

Posted by on September 4 at 18:25 PM


The guilt trip/consciousness raising must be working. Today there are six computer monitors at 14th & Howell, same as yesterday. The scene of this environmental disaster—second only to the Exon/Valdez—is now, however, more artfully arranged. A little pyramid of monitors facing the late summer sun. Very Abu Simbel.

Still, and for the record: Oh, the humanity, can’t something be done, think of the children, how do people sleep at night, etc.

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it would really amuse me if stranger staff came in to work tomorrow to find six monitors stacked in front of their building... which is above velo bicycle shop a few doors down from value village at the intersection of e pine and 11th.

don't feel guilty of burdening them with figuring out what to do with them, the cost of (safely) disposing of them is equal to what they charged for 3 hump tickets.

Thanks for posting daily updates so we can mock it. Keep it comin.

Charles, in order to fulfill your fantasy, your ersatz fairy godmother would have to chase off the hoboes who sleep in The Stranger's doorway.

Now, is your selfish little daydream worth leaching toxic chemicals into a native hobo nesting site? Is it?

Instead of mocking this how about mobilizing a group ala this site:
and do something useful about it.

This is an outrage. That damn traffic cone is still there. It's different than the other objects on the traffic circle. It doesn't belong. Someone, please, take that ill-fitting traffic cone away.

well personally I think that if the monitors were dropped repeatedly on said hobo's heads then the artistic complexity of the installation would be increased by creating a provocative man-versus-technology dichotomy.

but if my fair godmother is only feeling up to a simple drag-and-drop and isn't ambitious enough to make the leap to first degree murder, perhaps walling them in might artistically represent how technology turns us into listless, barely conscious slugs (they're usually passed out, right?).

Personally, I find it funny that people are actively calling for the preservation of the physical integrity of a shitty roundabout that trucks drive over in a shitty intersection.

But but but there might be ground water under the traffic circle. Granted it would be under a few feet of concrete and say a couple hundred or so of dirt, but the microscopic amount of mercury in the monitors could get there given a ridculous amount of luck and say ten-thousand years.

Oh and thanks for the props on the stacking. :)~

And Charles I agree with your brilliant idea, we should expand this across town. Thanks for the idea.

Raise your hand if you haven't peed on those monitors yet.

There appears to be a new note stuck to the monitor in the bottom left of the pyramid.. What's it say Dan? Another request to not dump monitors, or something much more amusing?

This is all highly enjoyable.

I swung by the intersection this morning around 8:00 AM and they were... like, just gone man. the plot thickens.

This whole thing is hilarious! Love it. Thanks for posting it Dan.

I don't know if they're still there... but there was ahouse on the bottom of the Hill (maybe it was Republican & Howell?) that had a keyboard or two hanging from a tree and monitors on the lawn and stuff like that. It made for a rather amusing art exhibit when I lived nearby there and would walk past with groceries or something...

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