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Friday, August 11, 2006

They Sent It To Us

Posted by on August 11 at 10:03 AM

The press release begins:

Dear ELA Supporter!

The ELA stands for “Emotional Literacy Advocates” who work towards “bridging the gap between feelings and words.” I am most certainly not a supporter of the organization. Nor its mission. The windy gap between feelings and words is one of the last wild places left—colonizing it with civilized language is like taking a chain saw to the last stand of rain forest in Brazil. Fuck you, ELA.

I have just completed producing the next arts-based learning tool—”The Full Spectrum Birthday Song (or Why Just Happy)“—in support of ELA’ s mission to create learning forums for insight into emotion through language and the arts!

Here’s a clip of the song. It’s creepier than you’d expect. But that’s okay, right? Creepy is part of the full emotional spectrum!

The rest of the simpering pablum follows the jump:

Dear ELA Supporter!

I have just completed producing the next arts-based learning tool—"The Full Spectrum Birthday Song (or Why Just Happy)"—in support of ELA' s mission to create learning forums for insight into emotion through language and the arts!

I invite you to visit the link below:

There you can hear the first two minutes of the song, read info about the intention behind the song, order the CD and view the cover image—a collaboration between our resident artists/board members Mark Magill (CD cover illustration) and Daniel Sackett (cover photo/CD design). The song itself was also a collaboration between myself as song-writer/performer, Daniel's sound engineering and Guy Nelson's sweet sound effects and additional engineering savvy.

Thanks to Rodger Scheibner, ELA became the beneficiary of in-kind digital services from the international law firm Perkins Coie. Some of the production materials for the CD duplication process were donated by Office Max.

The ELA board is beginning to brew some ideas on ways and places to distribute the CD.

We invite your cultural sense-abilities, individual dynamism and networking skills to help promote the CD.

First, please consider purchasing the CD online and sending the link to your email list with a personal recommendation.

Second, the ELA board and I are seeking to create a special team as part of our outreach efforts to link up, in creative and unique ways, this arts-based learning tool to institutions, organizations and associations in the helping and teaching professions. Please let us know if you want to attend the next meeting on Tuesday, August 22nd here at ELA Central, Seattle @ 7:30 PM and we will send meeting details.

If you want to participate in a virtual way, please refer us to individuals of companies that you believe would be interested in forming an ELA mission-supporting partnership by gifting the CD to employees and/or customers. We would also appreciate referrals to potential underwriters who can sponsor the gifting of the CD to children and young adults in hospitals, treatment and social/emotional learning programs.

Thus far, the CD has been purchased by a diverse are some of the comments we have received:

"The Full-Spectrum Birthday song is fresh and brings so much more to the meaning of celebrating birthdays. The song and music are a real work of art. Much soul and inspiration for celebrating all of life comes through even in just that two minute sample online. "
—Georgene DeWald, Certified Professional Coach

"Pamela's song reminds us of so many possibilities...let the Full Spectrum Birthday Song become the new tradition."
—Arlene Plevin, Ph.D, author/professor

"My three and a half year-old daughter loved the imagery in the FSB-day song and requested we play 'that other birthday song' again...why settle for 'happy'? The FSB-day song encourages exploration of all manner of birthday sentiments."
—Collen Laing, public affairs consultant

"Birthdays are a time when we celebrate the passing of a year and the beginning of a new one. Each year has it's ups and downs and in the acceptance and appreciation of these fluctuations, we find the immensity and deep meaning and joy of life. Pamela's song asks why just a 'happy' birthday? Why not celebrate and love the whole reality of living? It's a simple song, humorous and one with a message as profound as the ages."
—Dan Richman, Seattle Public School teacher

A little up-date on my community work for ELA:

Over the past several months, I have been performing excerpts from "Saving The World Solo & Song: a musical memoir for emotion literacy explorers." I was invited to perform at Antioch University (with guitarist Barry Pollack) , at the Breitenbush Hot Springs concert series, at the Kline Galland Home and at a multi-artist show called "Artists Alive!" in Nelson, Canada where I also presented a workshop ("Creative Catalysts for Emotion Literacy") at the Innovations in Arts and Health Symposium.

I must add here that I shared a symposium staff position with Vancouver's own Dr. Gabor Mate, (a cultural heritage relative—we're both Hungarian). Dr Mate presented from his astounding studies compiled into his latest book: "When The Body Says 'No' "— making evident the link between emotional repression and disease.

Here are a few of the comments I received from the venues listed above:

"I found it truly timely. I won't ever listen to my internal monologues the same way again."

"...thoughtful, entertaining and knows how to connect with people. We loved having her."

"Thank you for generously sharing your heart with the world. It is an honor and a blessing to witness and receive."

"Wonderful—every word perfectly chosen and used!!"

"Care-filled, thank you, joyful, touching, explosion of ideas—inside and out."

"Your writing is so subtle and yet so forthright...your performance was the highlight of the evening!"

The Kline Galland residents came over on walkers, on semi-steady foot and in wheel chairs to let me know just how they were affected by the show. Unfortunately, their comments went unrecorded but I do recall they touched me to the core.

If you already heard "The Full Spectrum Birthday Song (or Why Just Happy)" CD I welcome you to send me an email to let me know your impressions.

I always welcome your response, in any event! Thanks for reading this email and I wish you a wonderful, full-spectrum August!

Pamela Sackett
Founding Artist & Artistic Director

New from ELA:

The Full Spectrum Birthday Song
"...for the all of you inside!"

Saving The World Solo & Song
a musical memoir for emotion literacy explorers

Emotion Literacy Advocates
"bridging the gap between feelings and words"

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Man, that is some simpering pablum!

Good Christ. Is this parody? It sounds like some people of crap on SNL that pisses me off because it's not funny enough. You can just see the nutjob glow in her eyes.

Ya creepy is an emotion, and I feel like bugs are crawling all over me after listening to the Birthday song, ok I have to go shower now. Ew!
Would you sing that song to Hitler too?

And who can argue with such a gorgeous statement as this? I'm going to write this one on the wall.

"The windy gap between feelings and words is one of the last wild places left—colonizing it with civilized language is like taking a chain saw to the last stand of rain forest in Brazil. Fuck you, ELA."

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