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Friday, August 11, 2006

I-Martin Selig

Posted by on August 11 at 10:16 AM

I-920 should be renamed I-Martin Selig.

920 is the initiative to repeal Washington state’s estate tax (which affects about 200 families—those people whose estates are above $4 million for couples.)

On August 8, Selig—the prominent Seattle developer —dropped another $175K into the campaign’s coffers. That brings his total contributions to $807,500. With the only other major donation being $50K from the Nordstrom family, Selig’s contributions now make up about 80% of the campaign’s $1 million total war chest.

Since it’s likely Selig will save tens of millions of dollars if the estate tax is repealed (the rate for the very rich is about 19%), I guess a million buck investment is well worth it to him.

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Which makes it all the more hilarious when they trot it out as a "community-driven citizen's initiative."

A community of millionaires.

The Columbia Center is my favorite Seattle Building. It big, black and beautiful, Seattle's future, moving away from the low density past. Martin Selig gave Seattle this gift to the Seattle Community, so he is community minded.

the funny thing is, most voters will be sucked in by the title, and the inevitable ad of a mythical old granny lady not able to build a 50-story condo apartment building on her family farm so she can pay for her operation ...

Heh. Martin Selig - a community of one.

At least the Gateses believe in paying their taxes.

Will Martin Selig save anything if the initiative is passed? Doesn't the estate tax only kick in after the ultra-rich die?

Martin Selig is a local hero for building Columbia Center. It's a beautiful building. "Old Seattle" is against it, but to me Columbia Center is our bold future. We should fill downtown with buildings like it.

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