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Thursday, August 10, 2006

These People Vote

Posted by on August 10 at 14:44 PM

Thirty-nine percent of Americans believe Muslims in America should have to carry a special ID, according to a new Gallup poll.

Thirty-four percent believe that Muslims in America are generally sympathetic to al-Qaeda; 22% say they would not want a Muslim as a neighbor.

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Isn't 39% also Bush's approval rating? Coincidence?

That scary statistic is a little less surprising after spending a bit of time the last couple days at Sound Politics and seeing what the posters and especially the commenters there say about Muslims. Reading through some of the comment threads can be shocking, and that's just a little slice of right-wing America.

I bet those 22% would take a muslim over an atheist any day.

probably not.

People are incredibly stupid bigots.

All religion is stupid. And Islam is one of the more stupid of the world's religions. I would have no problem living next to a Muslim, but that doesn't mean that I don't think it's idotic for them to devote their life to the supernatural.

Why stop at special IDs? Why not make them sew special patches on their clothing? Why not designate special areas of cities where they can live? Why not load them into box cars and send them to special "work" camps?

Jesus Christ, are we really going down this road?

We're fucked! :D

Great idea...carrying IDs noting one's background worked really well for the Hutus and Tutsis in Rwanda circa 1994.....

Okay, so GWB's right wing doesn't trust Muslims and wants them documented. FDR's left wing didn't trust Asians and had them locked-up. I think I'd rather be a Muslim on the receiving end of a bigoted righty today than a Asian on the receiving end of a bigoted lefty yesterday. Surprise, surprise, extremists have extreme views. What next?

Do these people even know what the fuck they're talking about? Have theyever read the Koran to understand what Islam is? Have they even read the Torah and the Bible to even be able to compare? Clearly not since the Koran gives equal rights to women and men. It's a woman's choice to wear a scarf on her head (says the Koran). It doesn't mean that a woman can't be forced into doing it by family or her husband but it has absolutely nothing to do with ISLAM. And this is just one example. Most Americans think they know everything and assume that a muslim man wears a turban and a woman wears a scarf. Muslims don't even wear turbans! This is culture. Know what you're talking about before you make such a statement. Just because some radical arabs or whatever are saying shit in the name of "Allah" doesn't make it so...or maybe you just believe everything you see or hear..that, I don't know. But talk to someone who actually follows the Muslim religion PROPERLY and you'll find that it's a very peaceful one. None of the shit these terrorists do is in the name of God. They're ignorant assholes. And so are the people who believe them.

P.S. They don't DEVOTE THEIR LIVES to God. Their scripture is meant as guidance and prayer meant as thanks. And the reason they bow or whatever when they pray isn't because they're saying they are God's slaves. It's called respect for a higher being.

Sorry if this was all over the place...but for fuck's sake people..this makes my blood boil and I'm not even a Muslim.

Personally, I think Christians should be forced to carry a special ID (and not a stupid cross, either) are generally sympathetic to neo-fascists, and make lousy neighbors.

From another non-muslim outraged by this, thank you Rayjay-very well said. People don't what they're talking about. Learn about Islam, it's pretty similar to all the others religions (and whatever you think of them they're worth learning about ). The real issues we're facing as a world are those of inequality, racism and all the forms of oppression that keep us divided and afraid of each other.

On the head scarf note, I am so sick of stupid Americans talking about demanding that opposite gender Muslims make eye-contact with them. Muslims avert their gaze as a form of respect, not disrespect.

And to "You Gotta Be Kidding Me," look up special registration, ponder the fact that our government has illegally detained thousands of Arabs, Muslims, Sikhs and South Asians, and understand that after 9.11, Seattlites were dragged from their homes down to the INS building and detained just as interned Japanse-Americans were during WWII. In fact, the Japanese-American community was one of the first to speak up to protest the post-9.11 detentions and deportations. Which, by the way are still happening. Check out for more info on the continuing situation in the Seattle area. Many people think the post-9.11 backlash is over, but it is not.

Many terrorists are from super corrupt countries that happen to be US allies. Extremism has a lot more to do with politics, corruption and nationalism than with religion. Islam is being co-opted for political and social ends just at the religious right in this country is co-optining Christianity to restrict reproductive and marriage rights.

Oh come on, Rayjay, you're asking people who don't really understand their own religion's sacred text, let alone follow it, to apply logic and reason to something outside their own experience.

Don't these idiots understand that the people who have moved to the US from places like Iran, Syria, Lebannon have come here because they cannot live under totalitarian theocratic rule? Most of the folks have have immigrated here did so because they want the idea of american freedom more than most of you who were born here...

Terror Fucks are muslim. They should have a tatoo on there forhead stating "I'm and islamo-terror fuck". If you keep making Americans wait in line at the Airport you wife and children will be bombed in Lebanon. All "islamo-terror fucks" better watch out. Israel is going to kill you. Monkey, I'm not. I'm asking Americans to stop being dipshits about Islam. Okay?

And Terror Fucks: You don't know what a muslim is. A terrorist is not a muslim even though they may say they are. So... shut the fuck up.

Oh and one more thing. I'm so amazed at how people in America will go to great lengths to figure out if the latest Paris Hilton scandal is true and yet don't give two shits to understand what Islam really is. I'm outraged and I'm only 16. I've probably read more about religion and spoken to more Rabbis, Imams and Priests than most of you and yet many of you are so quick to judge. Aren't you people embarassed?

I have Muslim neighbors and friends they are great it is the Christian ones I am concerned about. Talk about gun toting, hypocritical evil and lying.

Christians are dumb, fat, gun toting idiots who won't allow gay marriage. Jews let Rabbis suck blood of baby boy cocks because the Torah says so. Muslims won't let women drive. Religious people are all idiots.

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