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Thursday, August 10, 2006


Posted by on August 10 at 14:42 PM

No matter what you think of the INB (they were fucking fantastic), this eulogy, by comrade Christopher Frizzelle, is an excellent read. And it contains an enviable achievement—the perfect paragraph. I won’t tell you which one. You’ll have to guess.

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As the percussionist who asked that this not be put in the Stranger, let me clarify some of the reasons why.

1) It’s true the group always strived to be confrontational and provocative and yes, had our share of interactions with Officer Friendlies from Seattle to Scotland, but we never did anything with the intention of attracting the attention of the police. It’s basic common sense, no matter what your political persuasion or how “militant” you’re believed to be: when you’re planning on setting things on fire, playing loud music until 5 in the morning, and doing many other “unpermitted” activities, doing what you can to lessen the possibility of attracting police isn’t being “jittery”, it’s being smart. And while some of us might enjoy playing with handcuffs behind closed doors, we never actively courted arrest; any assertion to the contrary is a misperception (including the somewhat strange claim that the group was “founded during the WTO riots in 1999 specifically to stoke the flames of hostility toward Seattle's police force”).

2) Sure, we’d promoted our parties before, but the funeral was intended to be a fun, crazy send-off for people who've been in the group, friends, lovers, co-conspirators--many of whom were helping make sure things ran smoothly at the door, on the stage, with the human hamster ball—-as well as fans. The last of anything tends to draw lots of people out of the woodwork, and become all that more unmanageable, which becomes more work and less fun for the very people the party is most intended for. And so as we decided to keep it as word-of-mouth as possible. Again, it’s called being smart.

3) lastly, having the party shut down by the cops may have been poetic in some people’s estimation, but it sure would have sucked for all concerned, especially those INB alums who paid hundreds of dollars to travel from places as far away as London to participate.

Anyway, wanted to offer those comments up, for any who are interested.


it didn't need to be publicized.
it was packed as it was !
it was just like old times. and it made me miss the seattle of the nineties.
indeed : the perfect paragraph.

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Cool site. Thanks!

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