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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Props to PI

Posted by on August 24 at 10:38 AM

The PI has two goodies this morning.

First, reporter Angela Galloway’s front page story links two companies that worked on Boston’s infamous “Big Dig” to Mayor Nickels’s tunnel campaign.* The firms, Parsons Brinckerhoff and Hatch MacDonald, gave $10K and $5K respectively. They funneled the money through the Washington Engineers PAC.

(*Judging from a naive Seattle Ethics and Elections (SEEC) ruling, there’s actually no campaign for the tunnel yet. And so, the SEEC let Nickels make a video using city resources to promote his tunnel.)

Anyway, the PI has a nice round up of the contributors to Nickels’s $80K “non-campaign.”

And as Dan already flagged, the other noteworthy item in this morning’s PI is its endorsement in the race for the state house rep in the 43rd. They give the nod to former Seattle city council member and Superior Court Judge Jim Street. Of the five other candidates in the race they only mention one other: Peter Steinbrueck aide, Stephanie Pure—calling her a “young activist with a bright political future.”

We agree that Street and Pure are standouts.

The Stranger Election Control Board conducted our own “Top 3 Primary.” After meeting with all six contenders for the 43rd house seat, we narrowed it down to Street, Pure, and gay rights activist/attorney Jamie Pedersen.

Our endorsements hit next week.

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yeah, but galloway promotes a lazy sense of journalism in most of this piece.

wait, you mean a group that would benefit from a ballot initiative is contributing to the political campaign? no shit! really? gee!


also, there are a handful of engineering firms in the whole country who do this kind of construction. that the big dig and the possible seattle tunnel would have engineering connections would be very hard to avoid.

second, galloway says that ed murray was the only person this year to receive contributions from WEPAC. this calendar year, yes, but in the legislative year, before the cut-off for 2006 cycle funds, etc, the list was much larger.

what a piece of sensationalistic crap.
and don't even get me started on jim street. that guy would take credit for creating the universe if "god" hadn't already done such a good job.

I predict this will all end badly.

Hot tip to investigative reporters:

Follow the money to America's most subsidized billionaire. Find out how much he stands to profit from a hugely expensive waterfront tunnel billed 100% to average taxpayers.

#3 Slip -

I think the waterfront tunnel proposal includes lowering and covering Aurora Avenue to jack up the value of Paul Allen's adjacent real estate.

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