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Thursday, August 24, 2006

1 nice thing about 22 Doors, 1 not as nice, plus a bonus nice thing about Monsoon

Posted by on August 24 at 10:49 AM

We’re guessing you could give a hoot about the Blue Angels at this point so we figure we better ramp up with some interesting non whiny stuff about the neighborhood ASAP. Here you go: 22 Doors’ cocktail list—its most impressive attribute—has been updated. This may be old news to you but we haven’t visited since the start of summer. The version on the Web is now outdated and we’re pretty sure the super pretentious $75 cocktail didn’t make the update—but we’d guess you could order off menu, Mr. $. Save your bucks and go for the Pimm’s cocktail.

While we recommend you save your $60 for dinner to spend at Monsoon a few blocks away instead, we do recommend you utilize your $20 for foo-foo fancy cocktails at 22 Doors.

Today’s stolen Slog post was swiped from CapitolHillSeattle.

Why am I stealing posts? Well, earlier this week IHeartSeattle accused Slog of failing to link to local blogs, which is not true: we link to other local blogs frequently (but weren’t aware that was a solemn obligation). IHS also accused us of stealing posts from local blogs—something we absolutely have not done. IHS said it would come through with some examples—you know, some proof—that Slog has been stealing items from local blogs and failing to link or credit. While we wait for the proof (and it looks like it might be in a long wait), I’ve been stealing from and linking to local blogs.

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worst. post. ever. don't steal if the people you steal from can't write.

I wonder why the Slog hasn't been linking to local bloggers? Could it be that they're incredibly lame?

I agree, if you must steal, at least rewrite it so it's halfway decently written.

Thank god this is stolen. I was about four sentences in when I started wondering... uh... is Dan drunk this morning?

I don't think that Sloggers are post thieves (I'm not sure that's what IHS actually said either). The issue here is probably a little cultural -- lots of 'bloggers spend the much of the day in footie pajamas reading tons of weblogs and are really likely to notice when they've seen a story somewhere else first. They don't have the resources of a professional newsroom and might find it hard to imagine that someone else found the story independently. This engenders a sense of being really careful about pointing out the other source when they scurry to post their own take on it. It's something of an ingrained behavioral tic loosely related to the cult of the link.

Still, it's not like you guys haven't engaged in this sort of cite-calling w/r/t the P-I [slog]

this is classic. local blogs feel slighted and disrespected by SLOG... dan claims they've never stolen from them (nor mentioned them) but then goes out of his way to make absolutely SURE that local blogs feel slighted and disrespected.

and not only that, he brings in local blogs that didn't even have anything to do with the original complaint, just to make sure that if they didn't feel slighted and disrespected before, they will now.

its an example we can all hope to live up to. you should change that post tag from "trash" to "surly".

Blogs have never produced anything original -- so I say steal all you want. It's all recycled crap anyway.

You know, this is really a restaurant review - bar review - whatever.

If you have to steal it, it points out you're too lazy to go there, get sloshed on way too expensive martinis and write your own drunken prose about how wonderful it is.


Do your own reporting, or you'll become the weakly.

Thanks for your support. What a weird feeling it is to see Dan Savage's name on your work. Now I know how Josh Feit feels.

Anyone who can't spend $60 on dinner doesn't know how to live! Food is the joy of life. Anyone can afford $60 for dinner if they want to.

It's an excellent local blog, if anything Dan used poor judgement in selecting his excerpt. Try again.

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