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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Project Heartbreak

Posted by on August 23 at 12:30 PM

This season’s Project Runway has done nothing but disappoint me.

First, they got rid of Malan just as I was starting to not be totally creeped out by him. Then they kick off one of the more talented and entertainingly bitchy designers for having pattern books. In that same show, they allow Angela and her stupid junior high rosettes win a project! Gross! And if that wasn’t heartbreaking enough, next to go was the so adorably weird Bradley. Sigh. And just last week, the judges voted to keep crazy as batshit Vincent over Alison because the paper dress made her model look fat!?

Fuck you, Project Runway!

Michael is our only hope…

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i still really like barbie designer guy, though i agree that michael is clearly the best.

and i'd like to kill vincent. he drives me insane!

"Zoftig," Megan, it made her look "zoftig."

As my girlfriend has pointed out, Michael is getting what she calls a "Top 3 Edit." I think he's in for the long haul.

But then again, the producers/judges have been leaning towards the batshit-crazy side of things this season. If Angela makes another bubble skirt I will gouge my own eyes out.

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And the term Komandante Klum used was "plus", as in "plus size", which is not only the most horrible thing that a person could possibly be, but now means simply "positive integer", as in any size larger than 0.

A travesty, indeed.

This week, Vincent and Angela get into a huge fight on the roof of the Atlas, rip each other's clothes off, start making out, and fall to their deaths on the street below. Here's hoping.

fits, although the "o" spelling is acceptable, more common is zaftig with an "a." i should know.

this is my first project runway season and i am horrified by angela's designs, the abrasiveness of laura, and the lunacy of vincent. i'm rooting for kayne the pageant hag, just because i could easily see him as one of alig's club kids, were the times different.

Robert's hot (HOT!) until he starts talking and 50 yards of pink chiffon and a purse come pouring out of his mouth.

Michael was ignored for the first couple weeks so people would be shocked and "Didn't see it coming" that he made the final 3.

I don't think Alison would have made it to the end--she's talented, but nothing she did was exceptional or stood out from the pack or was blatantly "her own". Yet I would have liked to see what else she might have accomplished here--certainly more than the demented Vincent.
He's not even fun crazy. He's just crazy.

P.S. they all need to really understand the definition of zaftig:
zaf‧tig  [zahf-tik, -tig]

–adjective Slang. 1. (of a woman) having a pleasantly plump figure.
2. full-bodied; well-proportioned.
[Origin: 1935–40;

That model was NOT--unless of course they were just referring to her big rack.


Robert's hot (HOT!) until he starts talking and 50 yards of pink chiffon and a purse come pouring out of his mouth.

Hahaha. Nice one.

this season has been fucking fantastic

Was ist Zaftig? Ist es ein Koncept?

Seriously, anyone seen that they're doing the new Survivor as Race Wars: Survivor, in which they ignore all the scientific data proving that race is meaningless at the biological level and have four "tribes" of single race only.

Which leaves out 80 percent of my family, cause most of us can check at least TWO boxes on the US Census Forms.

News Flash: The 21st Century is Multi-Racial, not Single-Race! Wake up and smell the mocha vanilla latte!

You are absolutely right. Michael is, indeed, our only hope.

If Vincent or Angela don't get Auf'd tonight, I will be supremely pissed. I was absolutely disgusted that Vincent made it through last week with his 1980's New York Danceteria meets Fourth Grade Craft Project monstrosity. He makes my skin crawl.

Here's a little something to make you feel better:

I dunno, I think, personality-wise, last season is still the tops IMHO.

I do think Michael has the legs to take him to the end. Vincent is interesting. I don't believe that the show is rigged to keep people around for sheer viewer value, but he is straining my belief. He makes people crazy, and he makes people watch...

Robert may have 50 yards of chiffon coming out his mouth, but then what about Kayne? That boy has got 50 yards of chiffon, a couple pageant gowns, Prada bags, and an assortment of makeup coming out of his pie-hole...

I think this season has been fabulous, which is not to say I am not disappointed. Vincent IS insane and should have been kicked off weeks ago. Angela is a kook and her days are numbered.

I'd like to see Michael, Kayne and Laura as the top 3. I love Laura, her clothes are so classic. But I'm hoping for Michael to win.

Can't wait to see what happens tonight!

i heart uli. even if she doesn't win, she will still be successful. she should open a boutique near malibu. perfect fit!

Jill, that blog is fan-fucking-tastic, thank you.

Uli is the quiet storm!! I heart...

But Kayne doesn't have the hot bod that Robert has.

Are you saying Michael has nice legs? How did I eff-ing miss that?!? He just needs to get his snaggletooth fixed and he's adorable.

I think the snaggletooth is kind of hot. I'd do Robert any day though...

I think the snaggletooth is kind of hot. I'd do Robert any day though...

Vincent? VINCENT? Are you kidding me? That dress made that woman look like she was smuggling potatoes.

my pics for the final 3 Uli, Laura and Michael. Kayne is also in the running with Jeff as a dark horse canidate. Robert is cute but has not been consistent and will really have to pick up to get even to the final 5. Angela should have been gone weeks ago. Her only win was because she chose Michael and Laura as her teamates and the outfit looked like a Laura creation more than anything. It was a defacto Laura win. Then there is Vincent. Nutty sad Vincent. His days are numbered but he does have some vision. He can't execute it but he has some vision. Malan and Allison were robbed. Bradley, though sweet should have gone long before either of them...

"Uli was robbed!" - Tim Gunn from the podcast

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