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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

pictures of you: pudgy airplane

Posted by on August 23 at 12:13 PM


How cute! This is what an airplane designed to carry other airplane parts looks like. FlightGlobal turned up some pictures of the pig-in-blanketlike aircraft designed to ship 787 components from their overseas origin to the Everett assembly line [flightglobal].

[Today’s stolen Slog post was swiped from Metroblogging Seattle.]

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Dan, how about you cite sources for posts without being a smartass about it? You deserved to get some shit for not citing the blogs you copy posts from, so I'm thinking you should just correct that habit and shut the fuck up about it.

The thing is, Newton, that we haven't copied posts. We've been accused of copying posts, but no evidence has been produced, nothing cited.

Look, sometimes we post about a story after someone else has. Take, for instance, Mudede's post yesterday about killer racoons. It was up on another blog first, but Mudede saw it where the other blogger did: at the PI, which he linked to.

I'm swiping posts now—entire posts, not just a link—because if we're going to be convicted of a crime then, by God, we're going to commit it.

Whoa. I bet you can hold a helluvalot of snakes on that muthafuckin' plane.

In that case, I apologize for the adversarial tone of my comment, and especially my use of the f-bomb. Do carry on.

It looks like it's wearing a huge down vest.


hard to believe it's cheaper to build that pig in a blanket plane and ship engines around the world than to just build the engines here, but I'm no number-cruncher.

As americans get fatter so do our aircraft.

Oh, this is an easy one: replace the Blue Angels with 6 of these bad boys!

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