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Friday, August 25, 2006

Out in the Open

Posted by on August 25 at 10:51 AM

According to the city’s latest semi-weekly Land Use Info Bulletin, there’s a permit request for a “sidewalk cafe” adjacent to Starbucks at Fauntleroy and California. Considering it’s got several outdoor tables now (and a few by the back door), wonder what that’s all about…

Today’s stolen Slog post was swiped from West Seattle Blog.

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Dan, your infatuation with made-up rivalries (Iheartseattle, seattlest, the Weekly, Times/PI) smacks of childish desperation.

Hey, I've got no beef with Seattlest, West Seattle Blog, the Times/PI... Again, IHeartSeattle accused us of swiping posts, which we don't do, and not linking to local blogs enough. So I figured we might as well be guilty of the crime we've been accused of... so I'm swiping posts and, in the process, linking to local blogs—and everybody wins! We're linking every day to a local blog that we may have neglected, which is what IHeartSeattle really wanted, right?

And I'm not doing it in anger, much less desperation. I'm doing it with a big smile on my goofy face.

And, come on, don't you think, say, West Seattle Blog is pleased about this item and link?

The Stranger is "New Journalism". Soon there will be no newspapers and everything will be read online. The discourse on "The Slog" is an example of the evolution of the
reporter-reader binary into a new dialectic of constant evolution, collaboration, and construction of temporary media "identities". There is no "stealing" in the coming evolutionary dialectic, instead growth, change, and revolutionary flow to higher levels of awareness will be the norm.

If there is any mockery of our West Seattle Blog, there will be hell to pay!

No mockery, K! Just theft and a link...

whatever. I drove past there last night - maybe it's a Tully's?

Won't be approved, as IIRC territory restrictions only permit one establishment of a particular type to a block. Otherwise, Starbucks would've built cafes next door to every indie coffeehouse in town, to put everyone out of business, long before now.

Certainly, West Seattle Blog, enjoying speaking about itself in third person, is pleased about the Slog link, as Slog is one of its favorite daily (if not more often) reads. However, West Seattle Blog would have been yet more pleased if the "swiped" entry had happened to have been one of our incrementally more interesting posts, rather than the "crud, I've got five stolen moments to get something on the blog today before going back to the work project from megahell, so let's root thru the LUIB real quick-like" variety. Oh well. There go my 15 nanosecondlets of fame, frittered away forever.

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