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Friday, August 25, 2006

Mk!ie MkiGvcac

Posted by on August 25 at 11:25 AM

Yesterday, Mike McGavick did a post on his campaign blog acknowledging that he got pulled over for drunk driving in 1993. He said he registered 0.17 on a blood alcohol level test

David Goldstein over at HorsesAss figured out just how drunk McGavick was.

And what does it take to get this incredibly drunk? Well according to every blood-alcohol calculator and chart I checked online, an awful damn lot. For example, using the University of Oklahoma Police Department’s online calculator I plugged in 8 drinks over the course of an hour for a 200 pound man, and I only got up to 0.16 percent. (Perhaps it’s telling that OK’s calculator only goes up to 8 drinks an hour.)

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Unless I am really, really bad at math, isn't ".017" way less than ".16?"

yeah... .017 is legal in Washington State. Isn't the limit .08?

I bet its just a typo.

Regardless, Mcgavick is an ass. His campaign in 2006 is similiar to bush's in 2000. A "new way" in washington... bullshit. Josh, you should write an article comparing bush in 2000 to mcgavick in 2006.

I did the same thing with the same calculator this morning. Those yokels need new software. It "blows" only as high as .18. Slamming 8 dry martinis in one hour would put you WAY above .18.

Regardless. How refreshing it is for a politician to cut off a scandal at the pass by being so up front.

Sorry. I must have been drunk too.
That's 0.17 not .017.

0.17 - Now, assuming he drank it over time, given how tall he is and his weight, and his fervor for hating America and our values of Truth, Justice, and the Middle Class way of life, man, he either had one of the biggest martinis I've ever seen - you know, the ones that cost $200 - or he downed at least a 12-pack in a social event.

We're talking a major drunk here.

Obviously unfit for public office. And this is in his late 30s, too, so no "youthful indiscretion" lies apply.

We're talking at least two vodka watermelons - we used to down those in the Army and get totally wasted, but we were risking our lives to keep you safe, and this scum is too cowardly to do that.

Interesting to note:

At Monday's sparsely attended (where were you, Josh?) Cantwell function at the Tractor Tavern, our current junior senator told the mostly white-haired crowd:

"Are you chanting 'Six more years?' Or 'We want more beers?'"

Later in the night, she told a packed house at the Norse Home that HER blood is 100% alcohol. Ave Maria!

you could just figure out what county he was arrested in, and FOIA the police reports...

Postman's blog is burning up on this over at the Times. Bad time for him to go on vaca, no?

Hell Will, he was just doing the frat boy thing till he was 40, then found salvation. Worked for Bush...

Besides, we should encourage our politicos to drink... more. A lot of them would loosen up a bit and be a bit more practical. My first suggestion would be to send Nick Licata to Earl's for a good bender... and maybe Jan Drago to the George and Dragon during an Arsenal match.

Well, I could tell stories about certain State Senators, but then I wouldn't get rides ...

Not to mention a certain (hic) State Supreme Court Justice (hic).

a few years ago I was at a bar with some friends when this dude showed up with a personal breathalyzer on his key chain.

it quickly degenrated into a competition to see who could make their "score" jump. but i digress

it would be funny to get some dude who is the same height/weight as m!ke, grab a dv camera, a breathalyzers, and hit up a local bar for a little scientific study/after-school special video shoot.

This was allegedly a preemptive come-cleam strike against forthcoming ads from the Cantwell campaign planning to attack McGavick's said indiscretions, to try and make him look like a honest guy while cutting off the planned campaign ads at the knees.

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