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Monday, August 21, 2006

Notes From The Prayer Warrior

Posted by on August 21 at 16:52 PM

It’s not clear exactly what malady the Prayer Warrior is suffering from, but in his latest email, he reports that things are looking up…


August 21, 2006

Thank you for praying for me! The Lord answered your prayers, and my blood counts are way down, which means the treatment has been effective. Praise God!

Your Pastor,

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Perhaps his midichlorian count was up again...

Blood count ... hope it's not the heartbreak of Kaposi's (Karposi's?) sarcoma.

But back to news you can use: This weekend one of our evil-twin "news"papers obscurely reported that gay-activist athletes are (again; still) using our public parks as all-day all-nite playgrounds for sexual activism.

(Did The Stranger, so exquisitely hip & hep to what's happening now, report this too? Or did I miss it?)

Our dailies permit themselves one excursion per decade into darkest honesty, so that's it until 2016, if they & we are still here.

Ten years ago both papers reported that parents near Volunteer Park & Woodland Park were afraid to let their kids use the urban amenities that Savage extols, because parents were afraid of what their kids might see or be asked to do. And they were afraid of what might drip & drizzle on their babies from Woodland's Rubber Tree, where activists & athletes recycled their used condoms.

Then both papers mentioned the condom-free zone on Cap Hill where old trolls lured young boys from the 'burbs for bareback mountin'.

Then both papers blamed these phenomena on "homophobia," whatever that is.

(And inquiring minds really want to know, so we don't catch it. And inquiring minds want to know if it's still necessary to blame the expropriation of our public amenities & mens' rooms on "homophobia," or if it's now required that we, uh, lay the blame on Barbara Madsen? Since there are only so many things we can say in a tolerant, secular, First-Amendment fundamentalist sanctuary like Seattle, it's important that we get it right the first time. Please advise.)

Make up your mind, Hutch. Was it GOD'S WILL or MODERN MEDICINE that brought your blood counts down?

Since when did chronic crabs require bloodwork?

Is this Prayer Warriors stuff true or just the Stranger's way of making fun of Hutch like they used to make fun of Charlie Chong?

Eastmeetswest - yep this stuff is true. You can see for yourself at then go to resources, then communications and read all the PW request!

Wow, there's some good stuff there!

"Please pray for me today, as well as the Word family, as they bury my buddy who was kicked by a horse. Also, pray for me as I see a doctor today about my sore ribs."

I went back to early June and couldn't find any explanation for the blood thing. He sure expects his Warriors to have a long memory!

Christians believe they can pray and not have to see a doctor, and Jews believe god wants Rabbis to suck the blood of baby cocks. All religion is a farce.

The Torah and bible are both equally good for wiping shit off your ass.

Even New York Public health can't stop religious idiots -

<a href=>erosive esophagitis</a> all about

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