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Monday, August 7, 2006

HUMP: A Cry For Help

Posted by on August 7 at 9:52 AM


This aspiring HUMP filmmaker has a few questions…

Just wondering if you could give me tips on the easiest way to get my video from my phone to a DVD. I use T-Mobile so I put them in my album but dont know how to copy to DVD. Also, they are 15 sec snips becuse thats all my phone will record so I’ll have to put them all together.

I noticed in the rules that there are”no animals.” Well, the cat is there in one flick. I didn’t fuck her… just said “hello pussy.” Should I not include that part? The dildo we used Is a “Rabit” but since that is just a brand I think it should be ok.—R.L.

First the question I can answer: The rules say “no animals,” but what we mean is “no fucking animals.” No bestiality, no real K9 action, no cross-species love. Stuffed animals are fine, furries are fine, and actual animals are fine if they appear in establishing shots or incidental shots. If a person made a film outside at, say, Greenlake, it would hard to keep dogs and geese out of the shot. (The rules also say “no children”—and that is an absolute ban. No kids, period.)

A rabbit dildo is fine, smartass.

Now the question I can’t answer: How do you move 15 second video clips from your phone to some kind of editing software to a DVD? No clue—but it can be done. This guy did it. Hopefully someone out there reading this knows what R.L. needs to do, and will walk him through the process in comments.

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E-mail the clips from the phone(or whereever he's got them) to a friend with an Apple.

Friend imports them into the DVD authoring software and burns a DVD. Doesn't need to be anything fancy. There's software for PC, of course, but he'll have to shell out cash for the easy to use stuff.

That's probably going to be the most straight forward way to do it.


Porn is really hip and cool. It's the latest thing and anyone who thinks porn movies are last century and lame is probably a fundamentalist Christian.

Hey, you can email me and I can get your porn to a DVD-R. My porn project fell through and Ive been itching to do something.

would it be ok if i used my t-mobile to document the tapes being destroyed?

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