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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Arts in America! Hooray for America!

Posted by on August 10 at 11:55 AM

Yeah, so there was some terrorist plot that got “interruptedā€¯ or something. Big news. But in even bigger news:

Project Runway: “I made a tinker toy and they kicked me off.ā€¯ A moment of silence for Bradley, please.

Cartoonist Bob Thaves: Dead at 81.

Jen Graves: Wants to know what’s going to happen to Hoss.

The Dixie Chicks: Getting no love from Kansas City, Houston, and Memphis.

MTV: Might not bring back Snoop’s controversial cartoon after all.

I Don’t Shut Up, I Grow Up: Opening this Saturday at 20Twenty.

Stranger Suggests: Ellen Forney!

Ellen Forney
(MULTIMEDIA READING) Seattle artist and Stranger contributor Ellen Forney has made her name illustrating the edgier elements of life—kicking smack, succeeding as a call girl, fucking a woman with your hands—in a style so sweet and warm it goes down like honey. Tonight, Forney celebrates the publication of her brand-new, career-spanning Fantagraphics collection, I Love Led Zeppelin—featuring choice collaborations with Margaret Cho, Dan Savage, and yours truly—with a multimedia reading/book-release party. (Bailey/Coy Books, 414 Broadway E, 323-8842. 7 pm, free.) DAVID SCHMADER

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I read that article in the PI about Ellen Forney, and I think I'm in love. Not creepy, stalker-fan love, but wow, that is one interesting lady type of love.

Re: Dixies...They cancelled the St. Louis show, which is a bummer. But I don't think it was because of the red state back lash. I believe it was because of the ridiculous prices ($65 a piece for good seats). I know they are a big band, but seriously, $65?!?! How about $40?

I saw them WITH James Taylor in Oct '04 for $40, and guess what? SOLD OUT! I love them, but they seriously need to make the ticket prices lower...

Bradley seemed like he was on some kind of medication as he again stumbled around staring blankly, tossing random scraps of fabric in the air, and eventually making something that looked like it was on back-to-front. And c'mon, what kind of a fashion designer KNOWS NOTHING ABOUT CHER? Hello? Bob Mackie? Insane. Sadly they couldn't boot Vincent off as well. But Michael earns his first win, good news.

Why no spoiler alert for giving away the end of last night's Project Runway?

It's broadcast TV. You miss it, too bad. The Seahawks lost the Super Bowl too, hope I didn't ruin your day.

finally they gave the black man some air time! poor bradley, sacrificed just so angela can continue to snag ratings. and those damned flowers she puts on everything. and what was up with vincent's outfit? crazy man.

Michael and Uli (sp?) are my favorites. Seeing him win was satisfying; I slept well last night.

Michael's win was deserved and gratifying. Kayne thought he had it, but did you notice how weird the model's butt looked in that dress?

And Bradley? His little lost manchild act was disgusting. He should head back to Burning Man where he belongs.

Just put in my two cents.

Dixie chicks- Yes those prices are way too high. I think at this point in their game they have to take a step back and almost start over winning back fans charging those type of prices ain't the way to do it.

To fnarf- "You miss it, too bad. The Seahawks lost the Super Bowl too, hope I didn't ruin your day" We all have a right to speak our minds but gee you didn't have to be ugly about things.

And yes I'm glad that Michael got some air time because you never really heard from him. It was almost like he was a new character on the show. But it was pleasant.

But yall gon' have to leave my girl Angela alone or we gon' have some problems (I kid) But I guess I'm the only one, but I like Angela. IN the beginning no I thought she was just too stupid for stupid but she's toned it down a bit since the beginning. And please note that after having worked well with her the week before both Lauren and Michael came to her defense when tattoo neck was fussing at her.

To Mark Mitchell- I'm so glad I'm not the only one that noticed how funky her butt was looking! I thought it was just me!

And yes I'm sick of Vincent but glad to see Bradley go. Yes how can you be a designer and not know anything about Cher. Please note that his last outfit's top looks like the orange throwup blouse that he did a couple weeks ago.

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