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Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Arts in America

Posted by on August 9 at 11:10 AM

Project Runway: On tonight! (Angela better be gone by show’s end.)

Black women being treated like dogs: A hit on MTV!

Michael Jackson: Thinks he’s the target of “one of the biggest conspiracies in entertainment history.”

New German Nightclub: Made out of empty water jugs.

World Trade Center: Opens today and Annie Wagner hated it.

And lastly, David Schmader suggests that you eat something delicious.

Mama Williebelle’s BBQ
(GOOD EATIN’) For all those hungering for a quintessential summer experience before Seattle plunges back into damp darkness, Mama Williebelle’s BBQ is the answer. Located on the lakefront at Madrona Park, this beloved seasonal food stand offers an array of great grub, including soul-food standards (collard greens, sweet-potato pie), a visionary veggie burger, and what Stranger writer Paul Constant praised as “the most amazing burger in the Seattle Metro area”: the bacon-sausage-fried-egg-and-cheese-topped Willie Burger. (853 Lake Washington Blvd, MonSat 11 am9 pm, Sun 11 am7 pm. Through September.) DAVID SCHMADER

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er, didn't Angela get immunity for her winning last week's "design something boring for INC" challenge?

Yes. Dammit. I forgot about that. Stupid Angela. Maybe they'll catch her with a bunch of books and kick her off?

I want Keith gone.

Imagine how smug Angela will be tonight. The horror.

the closer to the release of Michael Jackson's new CD the more crap he will generate to cause controversy which will interpret as s sales.
So what I am saying "Are You Ready For It".
It is so rampant in the entertainment business untalented artists selling product based upon controversy not talent.

As long as barbie boy doesn't leave. that nightclub was really cool, hopefully they use CF bulbs in all 160 water jugs

Keith is gone. He got kicked off last week for having fashion how-to books (which are not allowed) and for sneaking off to use the internet (also not allowed).

And isn't that nightclub cool? Did you watch the video on the mainpage? Go to and click on the upper right square for a quick clip of the club "in motion."

that video was even more amazing than the picture. and hopefully tonights runway will feature Michael some more, poor straight black man doesn't get any air time

I can't believe you think Angela is worse than big tattooed neck guy? Or that awful little "cute" blonde with the fake vaguely Euro accent.

cite, you crazy. allison is the blonde you refer to, and i really like her. bradley seemed like a really cool guy, but definitely wasn't as talented as some. though i wish crazy guy who's name escapes me went instead. he drives me crazy. and that twiggy outfit was horrible.

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