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Friday, July 7, 2006

The Morning News

Posted by on July 7 at 7:01 AM

London marks a grim anniversary today. Meanwhile, Lebanese officials say they’ve arrested a man they claim was planning an attack on New York’s transportation systems.

In Mexico, conservatives have declared victory. Liberals vow to challenge the final tally in court.

North Korea continues to talk smack. Japan and South Korea smack back.

June’s job growth wasn’t as good as expected.

Ground will be broken today on Nickels’s folly the South Lake Union streetcar.

King County prosecutors want more time to decide whether they’ll charge the Critical Mass biker arrested last week.

Citizens for More Important Things dropped off more than 20,000 petitions yesterday, leaving just two more nails left to be hammered into the Sonics’ coffin.

Microsoft is reportedly set to take on the iPod with a device of its own. Said device is rumored to be slightly smaller than a Volkswagen.

And finally, today’s cheery story: Girls in Cameroon are having their ”breasts ironed” with hot stones to avoid tempting rapists. Happy Friday.

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Yikes. Cutting off clits and ironing breasts to blistering pulp, hiding hair and skin under veils and long robes, all to prevent rape. Chopping off the offending dicks would be more effective.

how horrifying! as if puberty wasn't painful enough!


Thanks Ferdinand.

The SLU streetcar will cost $51M, and benefitted property owners pay most. Guess what, it will be done in short order and there will be no big impact on taxpayers. It is a small and inconsequential thing.

Nickels is not doing the streetcar for Vulcan, Nickels is doing the streetcar for Nickels. He badly wants to point to something related to transportation he pulled off to show he is not utterly inept in that department. His megaprojects (SMP, ST) are abysmal failures.

Perhaps some pedophile rapist in Cameroon would defend the brutal custom of ironed flat breasts. Of course, he'd want the skin mutilations covered up by a catholic schoolgirl uniform.

Sonics who? Is that some band from Portland?


Stupid SLU/Paul Allen streetcar! Property owners (not all willing) will pay only half the bill.

$25M paid by Seattle taxpayers, for a trolley to Hooters that will get torn apart when they re-do Mercer.

Oh yeah, Go Renton Sonics!

Seattle Monorail pissed away $150,000,000 of tax money for nothing. Sound Transit farts through $25M each week -- you like how it seems to be shaping up, perhaps?

Nah, The Sonics were a Tacoma band from the 60's. Are they back?

Working for a westlake ave business, I saw a bunch of city mailings several months back "selling" the LID tax to businesses. One thing that stuck out was that construction would only take six months. That figure always seems to fall out of the local news reports though. I wonder why?

I know a country where they slice up penises shortly after birth; it was originally done to cure masturbation, and is now just done because it's always been done. What these crazy backwater nations do...

So umm... that cop who shot that lawyer a few weeks back... Dan posted that the story was being worked on, but I did over look something... is the police guild leaning on The Stranger also to bury anything "negative" on the SPD? MASS ATTACK was ok, but those are County Cops. Seattle cops are the ones that can almost get away with murder. Vice and brutality they always get away with.

Um, if you didn't like the SMP, you sure as heck aren't going to like Mayor Greg's underwater tunnel - it's gonna cost Seattle taxpayers ten times what the monorail would have cost, instead of the zero dollars and zero tolls we would have paid for a rebuilt elevated Viaduct (or a surface plus transit nobuild with highway style traffic lights every five blocks).

The Monorail Would Have Cost.

Just open up your wallet Seattle!

P.S.: When will the Sonics get the hint they're already over?

Does that "breast ironing" thingy offer any hope for men afflicted with "man titties"?

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