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Friday, July 7, 2006

Michigan Is for Gaylords

Posted by on July 7 at 6:06 AM

Yesterday we drove straight from Felch, Michigan, to Gaylord, Michigan. It wasn’t quite as exciting as it sounds.


Downtown Gaylord.

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You, must, must, MUST then check out Climax, MI.

hehehehehhee Felch

What about Spread Eagle, WI? God, I'm so homesick.

You're a week early! Next week is Gaylord's annual festival - AlpineFest. Did you know that you were only 70 miles from Kelly O's real home town? Maybe it's a good thing that you didn't make it, because if you thought Gaylord was boring, you would definatly believe that Alpena sucks the big red wiennie!

I think there is a Climax in Minnesota too, as well as Savage, MN. Kinda far away though.

And don't forget that Michigan is the watersports capitol of the Midwest.

I remember there was a gang in Chicago called the Gaylords. My cousins were in the Latin Cobras ( Humboldt Park) and they use to fight the Gaylords. I cant remember where excactlly in Chicago the Gaylords came from.

This reminds me of Pennsylvania. There are some small towns around Lancaster named Intercourse and Blueballs. I bought a mesh trucker hat from an Amish lady that said I Heart Intercourse. Of course, we can be proud here in Washington to have Humptulips.

Uh oh. My Momma's on SLOG!

Thanks for letting us know you "drove" straight. Nip the obvious joke in the bud... the sign of a professional.

Don't forget Whiskey Dick Mountain

Alpena sounds a little dirty in Italian. Penne rigati does too for that matter.

Yeah, well don't forget Sac Bay and Pokagon for your Michigan Winter Wonderland vacation spots.

Things That Sound Dirty That You Can Say in Front of Your Gramma, Western Washington Edition:

oooh, Humptulips!
watch out, I'm gonna Chimacum!
ow, I got Sequim in my eye!

don't forget Knooksack

Geni, I live in Beaver

Geni, I live in Beaver

Oh and I lived up Hooker Road in Sequim. From there I could drive to Kitchen Dick Road and on to Woodcock Road

Well, I can't believe you haven't taken a trip to Gay, MI. You could even visit The Gay Bar. It is, of course, across the bridge, quite a long trip.

my favorite is Big Bone Lick in Kentucky I believe. Just off I-75.

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