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Monday, July 3, 2006

Photos from the Critical Mass Arrests on Friday

Posted by on July 3 at 9:00 AM


(The scene of the arrests. Brown undercover Van in background is facing north. Bikers were on the west corner about to turn north.)


(Zack Treisman getting arrested for assaulting an officer.)


(Zack’s arrest.)

firstCopOn biker.jpg

(This is the first deputy who reportedly charged at biker Jace Brien without identifying himself.)


(Another photo of the arrests. You can clearly see the officer’s sheriff’s badge dangling from his neck. Witnesses say the badges did not come out until after the officers tackled and wrestled Brien and Treisman.)


(This is the second plain clothes deputy who emerged from the van.)

I’m still waiting to hear back from the K.C. Sheriff’s office to get their explanation of these arrests.

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The one cop is Asian or Hawaiian. Can't someone get a list of Seattle's Asian cops so we can figure out who he is?

The cop with the mustache is sort of hot, can someone photoshop the picture so you can see his chest better? He might have his shirt off. I don't care about bikers but I fantasize about hot cops.

Police Riot.


Is hair-loss a symptom of steroid usage, or vice versa?

Jill has made a few comments about how posting these photos is "compromising evidence." Is that true? I don't really see how it could be...

I think that people need to see the photos. I'm a biker but I've never been to CM ride. Are the events posted?

It's a privileged white male's right to "cork" streets and punch cops. When downtown cops manhandle street people and homeless people, that's not important news. But how dare they treat a privledged white male that way when all he did was stand in the middle of a downtown street and stop traffic? Look at all the priviledged white people in those photos having to witness police brutality. It's an outrage!

The caption notes one officer's badge hanging in plain sight. It should be noted that this guy did not emerge from the van until well AFTER the first officer had tackled and assaulted a cyclist.

Oh thank you SPD!

I am all for bicycles. I am all for civil disobedience for a cause. Bicycles are not a cause. Please beat these people on a regular basis.

Cops are all a buncha effing meatheads... and this proves it.

"White Male": don't be a moron. No one beat on a cop who anyone KNEW was a cop. Have you forgotten the story you read already? Or did you read all of it? It's news anytime unannounced cops beat anyone down. I'm sorry this incident doesn't fit your obvious minority-demographic agenda.

BTW, learn how to spell "privileged," it just makes you look like a moron when you don't. You're on the WEB for crying out loud, it's not like you can't look it up.

"Pseudonym": Oh how clever. Bicycles are a cause - unless you're a member of the pro gas-burner cause I guess. The question is, if you can call for other people to get beat down on a regular basis, is it OK for others to call for you to be beat down? If violence equals justice I suspect there's enough of "us" to bring you plenty. Right?

People who can't spell in standard white American english should not be allowed to post on the internet. They are simply too ignorant.

Captious, Arrrrrr! Tare down the sistim from it's insides! Rorrrrrre! You're won man's army stile mentil pamplet is chalk fool of incrediball taktiks and psudonames.

"Captious": No, only people dumb enough to use/believe in a phrase like "standard white American English."

Ragging on white people is so 20th century anyway. Non-upgrade baseline humans are the new group to discriminate against.

Hey Felix. In case you forgot:

sar·casm (särkzm)n.
A cutting, often ironic remark intended to wound.

Some more points:
1. use/believe - that's "use and believe" - You're on the WEB for crying out loud, it's not like you can't look up how to use conjunctions.
2. pro gas-burner - that's "pro-gas burner" - You're on the WEB for crying out loud, it's not like you can't look up how to hyphenate properly. just makes you look like a moron when you don't.

Hope you keep defending the internet from those sarcastic idiots who obviously aren't as aware of issues like you are and keep them inline like the special olympics competitor I know you are inside.

Not Felix, etc.: Your bound to do a massive take-down on a lot of these internet situations that lie beyond your normal controls, that's for shore. At first, I thought it was only a launch hour you had to take it to these outrageious knockelheads on line. Appearently, you are abowl to get alot more hardcore than that, timewise. Obvously, a main of mystery and of mainy nomes di plum, you can somehow continualy take it to these rag tag top dogs of this world and let them know in pretty much the opposite thing as what THEY said. Hah! Short of getting an army toether, just make shore 'the man' knows that nobody should stick they're hand in you're cage. That's what I'm talkin gabout.

The first guy looks like a redneck and the 2nd guy looks like a vato.

I love how the article doesn't say anything about what the cyclists were accused of doing. I've seen CM cyclists disobeying the law many times over and it's pretty fucking annoying (I think cars disobeying the law are just as annoying--don't get me wrong).

White Male is right.

"Not Felix":

But you have to be smart to use sarcasm! And realize that text doesn't readily convey tone.

Not when it's short for and/or.

"Gasburner" isn't one word. If you're for vehicles that burn gas, you're pro gas-burner.

But chaff and flares aside, can you actually argue the points I made?

Hey Josh's Mom who writes: "I love how the article doesn't say anything about what the cyclists were accused of doing."

The "article" actually does say that Zack Treisman was arrested for assaulting an officer.

I love how you aren't very good at reading posts and then posting really stupid comments.

I haven't encountered "critical mass" in years. I was always astounded at the arrogance and self-righteousness of those involved. This "belief" that stopping traffic, sometimes for more than an hour was their "right" is utter bullshit.

They also have no sense of compassion or consideration for the people that might be experiencing "inconvenience" due to their actions. I think about people who may need to get home to loved ones who may be ill, or themselves are ill, possibly in need of medical attention. The biker-assholes don't consider the consequences of their actions on others when they decide to stop traffic.

Yes BD, how terrible that these bikers have the gall to actually use their first amendment rights to free assembly. The convenience of a few drivers is clearly more important than the Constitution.

So, you have no trouble with the idea that people may actually be harmed by their actions? Do you have a conscience?

It's one thing to assemble at Westlake Center, it's quite another to choose to stop other citizens from going about their personal business. Do you not see the difference?

Critical mass riders are making a conscious choice to keep their fellow citizens from the freedom of going about their personal business on those days they choose to stop traffic.

What if...

somebody needs to get to a dialysis appointment, needs their insulin, or any number of urgent medical needs?

Really. Can't you consider these things when you CHOOSE to stop traffic?

I'm just asking people to *consider* the possible ramifications for their actions.

folks participate in cm for as many reasons as there are bicyclists - bicycling is fun and great exercise; it does not contribute to global warming nor the military-industrial complex; it's an inexpensive way to commute - the list goes on and on.
for me, cm means increasing visibility of bicyclists so we will less likely be harmed by cars, and to initiate a discussion abut why such a great form of transportation is so damn dangerous.
the argument of inconveniencing folks and delaying emergency response vehicles overlooks the complexity of a much larger, systemic issue. many cities are congested with traffic, which isn't conducive to rapid and safe maneuvering of large emergency vehicles OR pedestrians and bicyclists. cm keeps the discussion of more creative city planning alive for the safety of all people, including bicyclists.
the design of cities and the ordinances and laws implemented in them are well-planned and intentional, and illumininating the agendas of policy makers and planners shifts the focus from individual bikers to the folks who make decisions about bike lanes, parking, etc.
cm riders do not make commuting in the city dangerous. city planning that erodes public space and favors interests of the private sector make commitng in the city dangerous.

Don't buy it for a sec, BD. I don't think those two off-duty cops were in a hurry to get anyone dialysis or urgent medical care.

I would think, if an ambulance were coming, that CM would turn off the main drag or pull aside to let it pass.

Also, if a private citizen has an emergency and, for whatever reason, drives the victim over instead of calling an ambulance... I've looked at many a map and you can't go 3-4 miles in central Seattle without reaching a hospital. And what is the likelihood that you'll suffer an unexpected medical emergency (refuse to call an ambulance) and you haul off in a car to the hospital, just as CM's riding along right on the one road you happen to need to use, and blocking it? What are the odds? I'd say the Mariners win four World Series before that happens once. Also, this assumes you couldn't turn and use another street... another stretch.

You people don't realize the main problem here. Rogue cops want to get even with society or innocent people because they were born with a small penis. I could never ever become a rogue cop!!

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