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Friday, July 7, 2006

Kelly Clarkson: Too Fat For Vitamin Water?

Posted by on July 7 at 14:17 PM

Kelly Clarkson.JPG

If this is true, this is bullshit. There’s no way Kelly Clarkson weighs more than 130 pounds—at the very most.

This really blows, because I’ve only recently discovered the amazing hangover-healing powers of Vitamin Water and now I’m going to be hard-pressed to give them my money. Fuck you, Vitamin Water.

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Um, it's water. You can get water out of a tap for virtually free. Vitamins, schmitamins. Eat some food, it's got vitamins in it too.

Hangover healing powers?!

Hangover healing powers?!

Yes, water is very good for hangovers. Many of the symptoms are simple dehydration. The vitamins don't do a thing, they aren't even absorbed; you just piss them back out.

San Pellegrino is good for hangovers. It seems to be more effective than tap water. According to Wikipedia, Geri Halliwell is a fan. I've tried other mineral waters too, and San Pellegrino seems to be the best.

Maybe it's a placebo effect though. I did spend a summer in Italy getting sloshed every night in and drinking San Pelligrino the next day. So maybe my body is just programmed to expect that when I start with the San Pelligrino it's time to get better because brunch and the day's first bottle of trebiano is just hours away.

taking an emergen-c with a full glass before you go out helps too. big time.
or take two :)

Ironic and sad. Vitamin "Water" is a sweetened soft drink--150 calories in each bottle. It sure as hell won't help keep anyone thin. (I will give it credit for not containing high fructose corn syrup.)

Sugar is always good for hangover, too. A can of Coke works, though of course that has HFCS in it -- and you're right, HFCS is the devil's spawn. But that is funny -- "lose weight in order to promote our sugar drink".

If Go Fug Yourself is right, Kelly C's only "weight" problem is with her astonishingly bad dress sense (that kind of hot gold number excepted). It's nice to have some ass; it just depends on how you display it.

The "Purple" (Rescue) Vitamin Water is the best bridge ever to be build between hangover and athletic activity.

it's hollywood remember----- that's were sexism and eating disorders go to spawn actresses......the only thing too fat for vitamin water are the people who buy kelly clarkson records.

No, she's not fat by Seattle standards, but she's got a bit of a tummy.

I realize that having this opinion does not ingratiate me to the womyn's crowd, so save the invective, grrls.

The best thing for a hangover is to drink water before going to sleep. (Due to availability & effect.)

Ignoring how easy it is to get, getting those oral solutions they give children with diarrea is the best (Pedialyte).

You can also drink water and take an aspirin before going to sleep.

Vitamin water is just sucking money out of you for no reason.

seriously, if she's as short as i think she is (5' 3" ish) she shouldn't weigh more than what, 125? but she does. and that's ok. stupid thing is that they won't accept her as a spokesperson unless she goes on a diet. seriously, we have enough trouble with media and body image these people are not helping.

and vitamin water - come on. we have such a "health nut" thing that our water has to be infused with extras and flavor so we'll drink it? good lord!

All of this about Vitamin Water making Kelly Clarkson lose weigh is fake. A spokesperson for kelly even said they didnt tell her to lose a couple pounds and go on a strict diet. Its just another stupid rumour. So dont believe it. And she doesnt even need to lose weight. She is perfect. I saw her in concert exactly a week ago and she didnt seem fat at all. In fact, she seemed skinnier than usual. She is the only normal, down-to-earth star these days. What has the world come to?

Here's how you cure a hangover: when you get home, before you go to bed, drink two full glasses of water. Stay up as long as it takes for you to pour and drink down two glasses. Go to bed. Wake up feeling sluggish, but not hung over.

Hangovers are caused by the dehydrating powers of alcohol.

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