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Thursday, July 6, 2006

Arts in America

Posted by on July 6 at 15:43 PM

Today in Stranger Suggests:

Seattle Spelling Bee
What do people like to do when they’re drunk? Show off their big fucking brains, that’s what. Well here’s your chance, poindexter—the Seattle Spelling Bee (hosted by a champion from the Williamsburg Bee in Brooklyn), where contestants win prizes and drink tickets as they slur their way to the top. Just imagine that spazzy kid from Spellbound with a couple of shots in him—now that’s entertainment! (Re-bar, 1114 Howell St, 233-9873. 8 pm, $5, 21+.) BRENDAN KILEY


The Met’s Madonna and Child is “not even a good forgery.

Zadie Smith’s third novel is still good, nine months later.

David Denby is still wrong. (Not even Meryl Streep could keep me from walking out of this movie.)

Sean Connery: Old, no longer sexy, bookish.

Diana Ross: “Deep.”

The new Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis: “Its structural bravura will certainly please the techno-fetishists.

Great artists: Still loners after all these years.

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I liked the Diana Ross article, and will be purchasing the Blue CD. Im glad she got her props. But why did they have to diss Beyoncé?

"Beyoncé. The former Destiny’s Child sibling is a gorgeous, voluptuous void, as predictable and comforting as a Big Mac, if a tad less nutritious. Steely careerism is all that resonates in a voice that (a handful of great singles aside) is the sound of cash registers jingling."

Ok, so I admit, I think Beyonce is hotter than a crack ho’s mouth, and perhaps that makes me shallow, but I also happen to think that she can fucking sing her ass off. Why is the LA Weekly so cruel to her? Why? Por que?

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