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Thursday, July 6, 2006

Lindsay Lohan’s British Breasts!

Posted by on July 6 at 14:46 PM

Sure, it was just COINCIDENCE that Kim Jong il tested his nukes on July 4th! Just like it was COINCIDENCE that these photos of Lindsay Lohan tugging at her sore breasts appeared in British GQ on the same day! C’mon Lindsay… who’s side are you on, anyway?

lindsay cover.jpg
More boob-astic imagery after the leap!

Lindsay bw.jpg
Owww! My boobs! OWWWWWW!!!

lindsay red.jpg
OW! I fell down, my boobs hurt so much!

lindsay spread.jpg
Maybe if I just grab a little nap, my boobs won't hurt so... zzzzzzzzzzzz... OWWWWW! Damn it!!

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So "firecrotch" is for real, then?

Wow, she looks like she's taken on the Nicole Kidman '90s look (not a bad choice - way better than Kidman's current strained look).

Even if they did the photo shoot while LiLo was PMSing, she looks hot.

Isn't this young woman still jail bait for most of your readers? In a post-modernist world, why the Freudian obsession with body parts?

"why the Freudian obsession with body parts?"

Our obsession with female body parts is as much Darwinian as it is Freudian.

Mmmmm. Boobs. So soft and round.

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