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Monday, June 19, 2006

“Where the Car is King”

Posted by on June 19 at 11:16 AM

Born at a time when fuel was cheap and plentiful, Brasilia is a city where the car is king and pedestrians regularly have to cross six-lane highways. Monumental avenues spin off into seamless slipways shaped like four-leaf clover, deeming traffic lights unnecessary. My car didn’t stop once on the journey from airport to hotel. Even the cathedral has a drive-in entrance. In the Pal├ício do Itamaraty, built in 1962 for Brazil’s Foreign Ministry, there is an exclusive internal ramp that allows top brass to motor right up to offices on the upper floor.


Via City Comforts.

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Your hero Le Corbusier would love this photo.

Whoops! My asshole finger was too itchy... I thought this was Charles' post.

Don't lump me in with Charles! Le Corbusier is my antihero.

Pretty picture.

Wouldn't want to live there.

We may affirm that nothing great in the world has been accomplished without passion.-Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

In this beautiful photo the lights are angels of progress flying through Brazil's jungle. A bold vision for the future, that was carved out of wild nature, remains a symbol of human dreams.

Great cities require a passionate vision. Brazil is the rhythm of passion.

and I thought it was their use of ethanol that kept the smog down ...

Curitiba is another extraordinary Brazilian city, but for different reasons. I'd take the Curitiba model over Brasilia's any day of the week:

WILL Wrote:
...and I thought it was their use of ethanol that kept the smog down ..."

There isn't much benefit smog-wise from the use of least as far as I can find out. You also have about a 20% decline in miles per gallon compared to gasoline.


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