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Monday, June 19, 2006

Seattle V. Lieberman

Posted by on June 19 at 11:30 AM

Two weeks ago, I reported that a couple of local political consultants, Dan Kully & Christian Sinderman, had a hand in Jon Tester’s insurgent run for Senate in Montana.

Turns out another local consultant, Moxie Media, has a hand in an even bigger-deal, anti-Bush, zeitgeist 2006 race: Ned Lamont’s showdown w Democratic (??) incumbent Sen. Joe Lieberman in Connecticut.

Moxie, Lamont’s sole mail consultant, has done 4 pieces for the candidate since getting the gig in February. And Lamont is closing in. The latest polls show Lamont closing the gap, w/ Lieberman winning by just 46 to 40 now. And you’ve heard the rumors that Lieberman, feeling the heat, may choose to run as an Independent.

Moxie’s Lisa MacLean says Moxie is at the table crafting Lamont’s message. The message, according to Moxie’s John Wyble, is straightforward: “This is a referendum on Lieberman, who is unable to stand up to George Bush. He’s missed every opportunity. The war. Alito. The energy bill. And he was the last Democrat to finally go against Bush’s efforts to privatize Social Security.”

One of Moxie’s red, white, and blue mailers blares: “If you think George Bush is taking us in the wrong direction…Get to Know Ned Lamont. You have a chance to make a difference. Send Ned Lamont to the U.S. Senate.” The mailer has a picture of Lamont speaking at a podium in front of an American flag w/ this quote printed: “We were rushed into the War in Iraq. We must stop risking American lives and start refocusing on our vital needs at home.”

Moxie’s local clients have included a broad mix: Mayor Nickels, the monorail, Richard Conlin, Tom Carr, Casey Corr, Peter Steinbrueck, Frank Chopp, Heidi Wills, Kollin Min, Washington Conservation Voters, and, currently, Lynne Dodson, a candidate for 43d District state house rep.

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Shouldn't you be bashing Lamont and Tester for not "hiring locally"? Well, only if you're interested in being consistant...

is it just me, or does the lamont mailer look like something that someone threw together on microsoft publisher?

You burned me there Aexia.

I guess it's just kind of cool, though, that local shops are getting high-profile work to do some heavy partisan, base-rousing, anti-Bush messaging ... especially since Cantwell aint asking them to do it.

Have you seen that weird animated ad Lieberman's running? Kos and Huff Post had it up. It's WEIRD...

pee .

I think everyone has decided. No campaign necessary. Lamont wins, possibly easily. Let's vote.

Holla and Happy Thanksgiving. nokia6630

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