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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Too Gay? Or Not Gay Enough?

Posted by on June 21 at 10:45 AM

Capitol Hill Seattle is selling some kick-ass t-shirts


With all of the Savage swipes at Jamie Pedersen from the Slog crew, we’d like to see Jamie go with it jujitsu-style and embrace the nastiness. So we designed this bitchin’ t-shirt for his campaign.

But is that the problem? Is Pedersen too gay for me? Or is he not gay enough? Only my hairdresser knows for sure…

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Bill Sherman: Too Straight For Josh Feit.

not gay enough. dude's a white shoe lawyer.

Dan Savage has exposed Pedersen as a pussy. Dan has more guts, more brains, and better connections than Pedersen will ever have. We have enough gay representation in government already. Do NOT vote for Pedersen.

So, Dan Fan, are you swinging the other direction entirely? By saying that we have enough gay representatives, are you suggesting that we not vote for Jamie Pedersen precisely because he is gay?

or...beyond being a Dan Fan, are you merely parroting what your muse desires, or do you have valid, principled reasons for advocating against Mr. Pedersen?

I'm using my limited sarcasm detection powers here, but I'm pretty sure that Dan Fan means the exact opposite of what he says.


Dan Savage: Immature self-centered sniping little bitch

I think we should Celebrate Dan Savage for overcoming his disabilities and rising to be the editor of a news paper. To be able to even have a voice in a major news media outlet and having his opinion heard is a huge accomplishment for someone with his condition. Has anyone shook Dan Savages hand and taken inspiration from him of his strength and Courage. This is a man with a Pentagon Classified Mental Disorder, "gayness", that has been able to rise about it and be a voice for others who suffer the same terrible affliction. He could be using his name and talents to fund a charity to raise money to help produce a wonder drug to help relieve the symptoms of gayness. But no He continues to peel back the layers of ignorance and misunderstanding that surrounds those with the Gayness mental deformities. Thank you Dan Savage for standing up and saying "yes I am crazy, Crazy gay, but I am willing to live with my disability!" you inspire me Mr. Savage.

I agree, both Bill and Dick are way too straight for Josh. I mean, married, hot wives, kids, ... it's just too much. And they are gay-friendly ...

oh, yeah, don't forget to declare it as a campaign contribution for Jaimie's campaign, ok Josh?

Well, I guess you could call The Stranger a newspaper - actally it's a better fag-rag than Seattle Gay News but with better proofreaders and graphics. Slogger Kyle suggested that Jamie fight back - but why? What charge does he have to answer? Rising to Dan's bait would be futile since Dan wins by shouting louder through this and other forums. Dan might help us all by revealing why he's cruising around in his Big Anti-Pedersen Snit. The political thinking "out there" is way murky. If someone is demonstrably the best candidate and he's gay, let's see, I'll vote for the straight guy or gal to prove I don't vote with my dick. This sheer paucity of logic may bring defeat to Maria Cantwell because some people don't agree with her stand on the Iraq War and presumably would rather see a Republican win that seat just to show her a thing or two. I'm beginning to understand why many professional politicians (e.g. Karl Rove) don't mind at all why so few citizens vote.

if Jamie was smart (you know, in a political sense) he would have leapt to his feet yesterday, called an impromptu press conference, and resoundingly declared that sexual orientation is not an issue in this race, and denounced any whispering campaign that hinted that it was - simultaneously calling attention to the fact that he's the only queer in the race (for those who care) and distancing himself from identity politics (for those who care about that).

The fact that he didn't do that, and apparently didn't set this sitch up so that he could do that makes me think he's not smart enough for the job.

This is why we (liberals, identity-politics fools) lose people - we're stuck playing two-dimensional checkers when everyone else out there is playing Old School Star Trek 3 Dimensional Chess.

Stupid ass bitches.

The Stranger is going to take down Pedersen. Anyone who votes for Pedersen is a monkey. We've don't need any more gay representatives in government. Dan Savage is right, enough is enough.

I don't give a damn if my legislators are gay or straight, so long as they vote how I want them to, and I quite frankly think that it's not an issue in the 43rd anymore. Clearly, a gay candidate can get elected, repeatedly, in the 43rd. Woo. Now that the points been made, why not just vote for the best candidate, regardless of where who licks his or her genitals?

Allen: Thanks for making my point so precisely. BTW: What exactly is "enough"?

I'm beginning to understand why many professional politicians (e.g. Karl Rove) don't mind at all why so few citizens bother to vote.

Marchenri, are you beginning to understand why many professional politicians (e.g. Karl Rove) don't mind at all why so few citizens vote?

Dude, Marchenri, stop posting the same thing over and over. Those Rove tactics don't work here.

Look, we got six good candidates for a seat. Trying to define oneself on just gay rights might work elsewhere, but not in the 43rd, which is known for being the ones that get the King County Dems to include questions on that issue for their questionnaire.

Face it, if you were a gay-basher, you would NEVER make it thru the 43rd primary - EVER.

So, instead, people want to hear what your stand on OTHER issues is.

Logical, no?

Let's hope Jamie studies up on the issues for the 43rd District Democrats Candidates Forum on July 18th at Town Hall (8th and Seneca) - people can ask questions of candidates directly at 6 pm and the official forum starts at 7:30 pm. Oh, and the price is sweet - FREE!

Let's also see if Dan Savage has the guts to show up at the Candidates Forum and direct his comments to Pedersen face-to-face. Dan, the ball is in your court. You've made a lot of very public, very bitchy statements about Pedersen. Time to confront him on the issues and let the public really hear a debate. Put up or shut up.

I think Dan should face Pedersen at the Candidates Forum, in drag as Ann Coulter. His shrill writing sounds more and more like her these days.

Well, I don't do drag these days...

As for the candidates forum, if I'm in town I'll attend. But I probably won't ask questions—we get to have all the 43rd Ds in for interviews in our offices, and Jamie and I will canoodle then. And does anyone doubt that if showed up at the forum to "confront" Jamie the same people bitching about the few swipes I've taken at him on Slog would bitch at me for attempting to hijack the forum?

As for my posts, well, I don't see what's so bitchy about them. But maybe it's hard for me to see the bitchy trees here in my bitchy forest. Or is that the other way around? Anyway, my swipes at Pedersen—all two of them!—hardly amount to some sort of anti-Pedersen jihad. Let's see... I didn't like Pedersen volunteers' scripted rap, and I don't think the gay rights movement in Washington state will collapse if Pedersen isn't elected, and—gasp!—I said so. Some jihad!

At this point we may endorse Pedersen just to fuck with people.

What is it with The Stranger? Dan Savage just loves to write himself. Josh loves to write about himself.

Now... if we can get everyone else to write about Dan or Josh, it's a Stranger-palooza!

So let's get these two weasels on each other.

Dan? Josh? Who's the fairest one of all? Deploy your mirrors! It's a Narcissism circle jerk! You first, Dan.

Personally, I hope Dan does show up at 6 at the Candidates Forum to buttonhole Jamie. And since KING 5 TV will be there, it's gonna be FUN!

[no such thing as bad press in a cool district like the 43rd, so long as lots of people vote]

oh, the questions at 7:30 aren't from the floor, we collect them and ask reasonable ones, so there won't be a "How much of a flamer are you?" question per se.

But if you show at 6 when the candidates arrive, anyone can talk directly with the 6 candidates, so it's fair game.

I'll bring the whipped cream ...

Maybe the Stranger could devote a stage at the Block Party and Dan and Jamie could duke it out. Verbally. A fistfight between the two would be all too frightening. Or they could just wrestle in whipped cream.

Over the years, I have seen Dan attack every gay politician, activist and organization out there. It's clear that he holds gay politicians, activists and organizations to a higher standard.

But really, who the fuck cares what Dan says anyway. Make up your own mind you fucking idiots. Do your own independent research on the candidates if you live in this district.

Is it surprising that Pedersen played the gay card? Is it surprising that McIver played the black card against Pelz? Funny thing is I know lots gay people who don't feel the need to vote for gay candidates but voted for McIver b/c they thought we should have a black man on the Council. Go figure that logic.

Huh. Just a few weeks ago I was slammed for backing Ed Murray in his race against Dem incumbent Pat Thib-ah-doo, the charge then being that I was backing Murray because he was gay. So I'm a pro-gay partisan... except when I'm not.

As to Pedersen playing the gay card, I told the Seattle Times—but they didn't use it—that the gay card was legit. Pedersen has a right to appeal to the gay base in 43rd, and it's a card he should play. What I objected to—what my original Slog post was about—was Pedersen volunteers implying that he was the only pro-gay marriage candidate in the race. That isn't the case.

Also, I don't necessarily think the 43rd House seat is a gay seat. If that's how gay activists see it, they should say so.

man. there are some whiney ass bitches on this here blog.

excuse the gendered language.

Oopsy. It was just a simple tay-shirt. DS, is your hairdresser that kinda cranky 15th Ave barber next to Victrola?

bridal shoe

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