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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Going to the Lawrimore Project

Posted by on June 21 at 10:36 AM

First, the Lawrimore Project was going to open in February. Then April. When I saw the place in May, I understood why it had taken so long: every room of the contemporary art space (located next to the old Immigration Building down on Airport Way) is different, and the details are, I think it’s fair to say, detailed, from the deliberately irregularly attached panels on the high walls of the front room, devoted to large sculpture, to the paint and plywood finishes of the indoor mobile home that houses Scott Lawrimore’s office, and even the shapes of the cinder blocks that the raised office-home rests on.

Tomorrow night from 6 to 10 pm, the place opens. For the two or three people who haven’t already heard, the performance artists SuttonBeresCuller are going to spend the opening enclosing themselves (or at some point they’ll be enclosing themselves, anyway, I’m not really sure when the moment of sealing is) in a large box in the gallery in which they’ll spend three weeks building the art that they’ll show when they come out of the box in mid-July.

But tonight is a bit of a prelude. From 6 to 8 at 911 Media Arts (Ninth and Harrison) is the opening of Steven Vroom’s Documentation Cube, a series of documentary images of works by SuttonBeresCuller over the years that will be projected onto the four walls of the gallery, not as an art show, quite, but as a sort of trip to a multimedia library before an art show. Or something like that.

In other news, the Henry has added Fionn Meade as its assistant curator of public programs and outreach. Meade, an artist and writer, is one of the most thoughtful public intellectuals in the city, so this is a good thing. And in one of those bits of news that only art geeks can care about, Henry assistant curator Sara Krajewski has been promoted to associate curator. Since I am one of those, I say, congrats, Ms. Sara.