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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Dino Rossi Strategy

Posted by on June 27 at 10:15 AM

At his blog, West Sound Politics, Lary Coppola, editor and publisher of the Kitsap Peninsula Business Journal, explains why McGavick is going to beat Cantwell in November.

Here’s the money graph:

McGavick hasn’t really taken any positions on anything controversial or of any real substance. His strategy is extremely smart. The bottom line is this: Given the time until the election, McGavick’s poll numbers, his ability to avoid being pinned down on the issues, his ability to raise serious money, and most of all, his reasonable, likable demeanor especially when contrasted to Cantwell if this guy can meet and talk to enough moderate and/or conservative Democrats, he can win.

Thanks Postman.

Call it the Dino Rossi strategy. And, I agree, it could work.

P.s. I’m still waiting to hear back from the McGavick campaign to find out what McGavick’s position on net neutrality is. I gotta say, it’s a little startling that when I called McGavick’s campaign this morning, they weren’t prepared to talk about the issue yet. This is a major issue in the techie Puget Sound, with two of our Fortune 500 companies (Amazon and Microsoft) and one of our delegation (Rep. Jay Inslee), taking a leadership role on it. If he wants to replace an incumbent senator like Cantwell, who has a reputation for being plugged in on techie issues, he better start doing his homework.

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Net Neutrality as a big issue for the Northwest Washington is a given. Also a given, is that The East Coast Washington repubs want the issue to get out of the newspapers and back into closed door agreements.

Since Mc G. gets his marching orders from the national repubs, via the state repubs, it should not come as a surprise that Mc G.'s political radar is focused around the East Coast Washington issues, and not the Northwest issues. Dems have a much better handle on local issues of national importance then do the repubs, which is why state repubs (anywhere in the county) tend to shut down the sound-bite machine for a few days while they confer for local messaging which is in concordance with the national media sound bites.

Rossi was able to pursue the Rossi strategy because a complacent Gregoire campaign allowed him to. A half-million dollars of negative TV ads in the final two weeks of the campaign and there never would have been a recount.

The problem with the Rossi strategy is that when you leave yourself undefined, you risk allowing others to define you. That's exactly what happened to David Irons in the final few weeks of the county executive race. That's exactly what's gonna happen to McGavick.

Goes double for Reichert. What's with this
blowjob delivered by the Seattle Times' Alicia Mundy (6/26)? Yeah, OK...the guy captured Ridgeway (though not single-handedly and after releasing him a decade ago). But it's increasingly obvious that he wasn't shit for actually *administering* a law-enforcement agency. He's starting to look like Raymond Shaw in The Manchurian Candidate....

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