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Monday, June 26, 2006

More 43rd District Endorsements

Posted by on June 26 at 8:22 AM

Lynne Dodson—she of the “Send a Teacher to Olympia” yard signs—has received the sole endorsement from the Washington Education Association. It’s another big endorsement for Dodson, who’s collected quite a few already.

But will she get the nod from the Washington Federation for Quality Campaign Photography? Something tells me that one is going to be an uphill battle…


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So how come we never had a SLOG mention of Dick Kelley's AFCSME endorsement?

Just wondering.

Lynne's beauty is in her character and values. The things that matter most.

Don't vote for Pedersen, we don't need any more gay representation in government. Send a teacher instead.

Will wonders,
"So how come we never had a SLOG mention of Dick Kelley's AFSCME endorsement?"

Maybe because it was a dual endorsement? AFSCME endorsed both Dodson and Kelley.

Vote for Lynne Dodson, or she'll rip out your jugular with her teeth.

Did she take smiling lessons from Chyna?

Curious minds want to know: If we send Lynne Dodson to Olympia as a teacher, is it important to know just how long ago she actually was a teacher? And can the Pride Committee expect a back-dated check from Dodson who apparently forgot to "register" for the parade and simply commandeered a slot in the lineup?

Dodson didn't 'commandeer a slot' at Pride--she had been invited to march with the Communications Workers of America, who are very supportive of her campaign. As you may remember, she has a lot of labor support.

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