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Thursday, June 29, 2006

McGavick Moves Up a Notch

Posted by on June 29 at 10:18 AM

Since I was so mean to Mike McGavick yesterday (sheesh, my reporting to get McGavick to finally say how he’d vote on the net neutrality bill—against—showed up in a Democratic Party press release at the end of the day—yecccchhhh!), it’s time to give McGavick some good Slog. And that is this…from the even-keeled National Journal comes the latest 2006 Senate Race rankings. McGavick V. Cantwell goes from #8 to #7.

Here’s what they wrote:

7) Washington. Cantwell (D) Last Ranking: 8. With the climate improving ever-so-slightly for the GOP, and with Cantwell unable to capitalize on voter angst over Iraq, McGavick’s chances get a slight boost. It’s possible this race slips in the months ahead because other Democratic opportunities in other states bump it off. But right now, we can’t imagine ever viewing any other Democratic incumbent as more vulnerable than Cantwell.

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Dan's highlight seems right-on. My thinking is, even if a two-legged dog tries his gosh-darned hardest, only a fool would bet for him to win in a race against a four-legged dog.

Betting to show is always a chumps bet in an unequal match.

Maria C. got voted Senator most likely to look good in a bathing suit recently. Can anyone slog a photo of her that might show why? Head shots are all I ever seem to see of her. Who knows, maybe some of the younger crowd will be able to keep an image in their mind's eye when it comes time to check the box . . ..

Haven't you ever met her? Maria's hot. Seriously.

I've got a photo of myself with her, but we were sitting at a table, so you can't see more than the normal publicity photo.

Be interesting to see if there is anything to the PI report that there is pressure on Cantwell and Murray to cave on the estate tax in order to get support for their Timber Industry Giveaway Bill.

Actually, I think there's a pic of her and me on my home website, but I can't remember the URL off hand. But, yeah, she's hot.


Take a look at Joshua Marshall's write-up about McGavick being for the phase-out of social security, here:

Another issue to slog about?

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