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Friday, June 23, 2006

Linnea Noreen’s Excellent Suicide Mission

Posted by on June 23 at 9:25 AM

I had the insane pleasure of meeting someone who’s running against U.S. Rep. Jim McDermott (D-7) yesterday afternoon. Excellent!

Pleasure because it’s time for McDermott to go, and while this candidate doesn’t have a chance in hell—she’s 29, has never held public office, and doesn’t have record of political accomplishments—I think her suicide mission will remind people that McDermott doesn’t have a birth right to the seat.

Her name is Linnea Noreen. She’s running as an Independent.

I put off meeting her for weeks because I thought she was just going to be some kook. (My bizarre colleague Adrian Ryan has something to do with her campaign, which I can’t quite figure out.)

I was wrong. She’s smart and serious, and has a sense of fun about her campaign. (She’s holding 18 nominating conventions in the next week, including 3 at Tiki Bob’s. More on that in a second.)

She also acknowledges that she’s not going to win, but says she wants to set an example for young people that “it’s possible…and after I do this high profile race, I think young people will run for things like city council and state Senate.”

She describes herself as “very liberal on social issues” and “responsible on fiscal issues.” Sounds trite, but, indeed, she seems to revel in a third-way sensibility of maverick and common sense solutions that don’t adhere to left or right dogma.

She does have the annoying habit of saying repeatedly of her platform that “no one is talking about what I’m talking about” …while not really delivering on the claim.

For example, on transportation, she says we need to coordinate all the disparate efforts into one comprehensive regional plan…which everyone I know has been saying for years.

She’s against the GOP’s “No Child Left Behind” approach on education & against the Democrats “just throw more money at the schools” approach…but says little more than she’s for “local control.”

She says the Democrats are wrong to fold their arms and refuse to admit there’s a problem with the Social Security system, but says little more than people should have more options. “There should be some of that,” she says about private accounts.

On housing, she says we should abandon the Section 8 system and opt for a system that works more like food stamps…an idea I didn’t quite get.

The coolest thing she said was on Iraq. She said the solution begins with getting the reconstruction contracts to the Iraqis…basically, “make them stop wanting to shoot us” by giving them economic opportunities rather giving economic opportunities to Haliburton.

She didn’t put it this way, but I came up with a sound bite for her: “Before we transition the fighting to Iraqi troops, let’s transition the economy to Iraqi people.” (She says she’s against a steadfast pull out date.)

Noreen’s resume features a stint with the YMCA, the Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce & most recently, she worked as a program coordinator for Seattle Works, a group that tries to get young professionals engaged politically by getting them on boards and commissions.

Because she’s running as an Independent, she has to get 1,000 signatures to be on November’s ballot. Sounds easy, but the state has made this a crazy proposition by requiring third party candidates to get all those signatures at a series of nominating conventions over the course of one week. And the conventions don’t count unless each convention garners at least 100 signatures. So, Noreen’s holding “conventions” all over the city. Here’s her campaign’s explanation of the whole very confusing signature thing.

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Good for her! Easy to nav website. And she's better looking than Jim McD.

She sounds a wee bit like Joe Lieberman on Social Security. I'll pass.

this candidate doesn’t have a chance in hell—she’s (28-35), has never held public office, and doesn’t have record of political accomplishments

Hey, sounds like Darcy Burner.

Anything sounds like anything you want when you change the quote to your liking. It's awesome! Here is what Bruce Willis "said" about me two weeks ago:

"Schmoo, I want to make so much sweet love to you for so, so long".

It "made" my (year).

She sounds like an extremely bright young woman, but she should run for a state-wide legislative position first. Fighting to replace Jim McDermott in this election cycle is like tightening a few bolts on the Titanic as it's heading for the iceberg.

Damn you, thehim! You beat me to the punch. Her interests and proposed solutions are state and local, much more than federal/national.

Hey, Linnea, it's not too late to file for a position in the state House or Senate in your LD. Just don't file as a Democrat for Position #1 in the 43rd ... we already have more than enough great candidates.

If she wants to set an example for young people so they are motivated to run for city council and state senate, why doesn't she run for a seat she might have a chance of winning - like city council or state senate? How many people are going to watch her get pummeled by McDermott in November and think "yeah, I want to do that, too!" How is this not just another vanity campaign?

The fact that she is running is news...?

News... for the Slog, Redshirt.
In fact, a few months ago we turned the Slog over to Sherman, Pure, Kelley, Pedersen, Street, and Dodson just because they were running.

Nice try, but, like, go hang.

McDermott was one of the only national figures to staunchly oppose the war early on, and I think he is pretty much the only Democrat who has flatly called GW Bush a liar.

He gets my vote.

I've known Linnea for years and one thing I can say about her, beyond the fact that she's hard working (and of course, good lookin'--that neckline, btw, was perfectly within reason, Mr. Mind in the Gutter :)), is that she's wicked smart. I mean, like run-around-most-people smart. I love talking policy with her.

Speaking of that, I'm surprised she didn't give you her rap about getting rid of school districts altogether. If I remember correctly, she's written abou this stuff in the past. Talk about local control!

"They were gonna make me a Major for this and, I wasn't even in their Army anymore."

So, was she going to show up at the 43rd candidates forum? The one on July 18th at Town Hall (6pm to meet candidates, 7:30pm for the forum). You know, the free one?

oh, hey, is that Zander Batchelder? Long time no see at judicial parties ...


The rather exciting rumor I hear is that McDermott will be retiring in 2008, and Ron Sims is getting positioned as the heir apparent. As much as I love McDermott, it would be nice to get someone in there who can actually get things done.

if she's is as smart as people are saying, she'll stop parroting the rightwing talking points on social security. there are no problems. the impending disaster is medicare.

I've also heard that Sims is not interested in DC at all. He doesn't think U.S. Reps have much power to get things done.

How do you figure on that SS point, Jason? Common logic says that more people living longer + roughly equal, underwhelming payments = cumulative increase in SS payout = cumulative decrease in SS pool = empty SS pool once we reach old age.

Also, the solution to the Medicare problem, as well as the health insurance problem, is a social one: stop making prescription hypochondriacs out of everyone.

She's got my vote - McDermott is a clown, and the more vulnerable he becomes the better a chance of a credible alternative. It takes a special sort of lightweight to spend term after term in the house from the safest of safe districts and still get only the wood shavings of committees. He's not a legislator, he's a mascott.

If she sounds like Darcy Burner then she deserves a much closer look. Elections should be earned, not a birthright. In McDermott's case, he continues to earn his place. It is safe to say the same is hardly true of Burner's opponent, the sheriff.
What a concept, an election based on qualifications, rather than characteristics. If it could be done it would beat the hell out of Term Limits. .... Jack Smith

It's the Josh Feit "crush-of-the-week"! This one is only slightly more tolerable than the one you had on Rob McKenna.

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