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Monday, April 10, 2006

Water-Soluble Crystalline Carbohydrates

Posted by on April 10 at 14:43 PM

Looks like Sugar won its match against Pulse, at least according to the sign out front today.
It’s a shame that doesn’t say Fagbar.

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"Sugar" is a stupid name. I feel like they just ran us around on the Slog... trying to come up with a good name. Unlike the patrons to be, we all got dicked in the end.

I think Sugar is an awful name. And so is Pulse. I voted for Fagbar.

Still, it may not hurt them. I thought Purr was a terrible name for a gay bar, and they're doing very, very well...

Maybe it should have been called Innuendo.

I stand by my previous suggestion: HARD.
Please reconsider. SUGAR won't have staying power.

Neither will "hard", dude. Seriously.

Why is this the second time in just a couple of hours I've read the words "crystalline carbohydrate" in totally different contexts?

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