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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Speaking of What Conservatives are Saying

Posted by on April 11 at 11:20 AM

As Dan points out, some conservatives are now saying things Democrats like to hear.

But here’s a Republican attack web site that’s saying something Democrat Maria Cantwell is not going to be happy to hear. Leaving aside the predictability of, this site raises a question: Where are the Democrats’ vicious attack web sites?

When I was riding around last week with liberal blogger Jerome Armstrong, who’s working as a technology adviser to Mark Warner’s “potential” presidential campaign, Armstrong told me that viral Internet messaging is seen as a campaign tactic of the future.

Well, viral web messaging is exactly what Republicans are going for with this anti-Cantwell site. Where’s the Democrats’ response?

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I think people will be more receptive than usual to Cantwell's obvious rebuttal -- she's not just for random "tax hikes", but rather for paying for what's in her shopping basket, unlike the Republicans, who are outspending any Democrats of the last 40 years or more, but refuse to pay for it.

I would like to see a hit piece on Ted Stevens's visit to the area for Mike McGavick. "Mr. Oil Spill", anyone?

Maybe Democrats have better things to do with their time. These attack sites just preach to the choir. They don't affect the outcome of any election. And before you say "Swift Boat," I remind you that John Kerry is a complete waste of space..."We must win in Iraq," indeed..."until I'm not elected."

Speaking of Swift Boat, this is hilarious:

I'm one of those 2.3 million Washingtonians whose tax rate went down due to Dubya. I'd gladly pay the old Clinton-era rates if I could have the old Clinton-era United States of America.

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