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Monday, April 3, 2006

Lonely Little Slog

Posted by on April 3 at 1:28 AM

Was everyone in church today or hungover in bed or what? I wanted this to be the one and only post of the day on Sunday, but it looks like I’m a few hours too late. Happy Monday.

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Nerd thread

Can the slog geeks consider shifting the way you archive this sucker? Maybe bust it up into three-day chunks and add prominent archive links to each date in the sidebar. In current format, you get these goofy mini-slog pages at the beginning of an archive cycle and frickin HUGE mega-slog pages at the end. If nothing else, busting it up would make it less painful to visit the slog when it's in mega-mode.

Changes are in the works. Stay tuned.

I know, dude. I'm not one to advocate internet addiction, but did all of you observe some sort of internet sabbath?

Everyone was busy chasing after Ed Murray's seat.

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