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Friday, April 14, 2006


Posted by on April 14 at 13:45 PM

I’m not Slogging much today. Why? Because I have $10,000 worth of ITMFA orders to fill.

ITMFA merch.jpg

What the fuck was I thinking? The motherfucker is going to be impeached—or retire—long before I can get all these orders filled! Yikes!

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What is the total number of buttons?

Hey, are you looking for help filling orders? I have five hours Sunday I can donate.

I may need help on Tuesday and Wednesday evening, Stapfut. I'll post something on the Slog...


As for totals, sheet, I don't know. We've sent out 500 lapel pins and have orders for at least 500 more. I've sent out 2500 buttons and just got 2500 more in.

How 'bout ya Slog for an employee? Pay them 8% of gross ordered filled....

Please do! It would be a fun thing to do on a weeknight anyway.

put yer damn kid to work!

You should have had them made in Canada.

Bi-weekly shipping parties! Whee!

I want my pins, bitch!
Get movin!

If you need help, just let me know.

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